Sunday, March 17, 2013

Vintage Pattern Additions, Other Vintage Goodies, and Button Organization

Hello lovely readers! I've been MIA around here lately. I have been sewing but I seem to have lost some of my blogging mojo. I have finished objects patiently waiting for their day in the spotlight. That day is not today. I do have some recent vintage pattern additions to show you all, as well as some other non-sewing vintage goodies. I'd also love to chit chat about button organization for my ever multiplying button collection.

First, let's start with the patterns. The majority of these are from the 1970s and almost all children's patterns. I know, I know, I don't have kids. However, my hoarding gene doesn't allow me to pass by 25 cent patterns that I may have a use for a decade from now.

I know this one is a bit blurry, but just take in the strangeness that is this bottom pattern. A teen boy jumpsuit pattern with matching tennis racket cover. The boy on the left is sporting a turtleneck, a jumpsuit, and rain boots. Only the 70's, only the 70's.

In other thrifting news, I picked up a few other vintage goodies besides patterns.

Aren't these little divided vintage plates just adorable? At 30 cents each I couldn't resist.  I also got the matching mugs below for 10 cents each. Sadly, the yellow one was nowhere to be found. Maybe I'll find one one day.


I'd never seen this particular edition of the Good Housekeeping cookbook before. This one may end up in my Etsy shop since I will be on next seasons Hoarders show if I don't get rid of at least a little of what I bring in.

I also got a great vintage leather purse but it looked terrible in the photos.

Lastly, can we talk about buttons? Or more specifically, my ever expanding button collection.

Behold, the perfect Tupperware container for organization. I already had one of these and I finally located another at the Goodwill this weekend. Readers, if you ever come across these, snap them up. These containers are so perfect for buttons.

Just look at all those sections perfect for buttons!

 I can't wait to get all these organized into my new Tupperware container. Those little orange containers are just too small.
Now that is a perfect picture of button gorgeousness! This is the container I already had. I haven't filled up the other one yet, but rest assured it won't take long. I have a few hundred buttons that are still unsorted. I also have a container of buttons on their card but they don't fit well into something like these.

So, readers how do you all sort your buttons? I love these containers, but they do have one downside. It can be hard to dig through them to find matching buttons. Well, I suppose two downsides. The lids do fit snugly, but as I learned the hard way not snugly enough to prevent a button explosion if you drop one on it's side. Those buttons above have been sorted twice. Ugh!


  1. Love your finds.. The dishes are so cute..Hope you find the yellow cup..

    Great idea for your buttons.

    My husband does or use to do a lot of wood working and building.. He bought nails in the best container..they are square plastic boxes with snap on lids and a handle.[square about 4-5 deep] in deep and are also stackable. So, I got him to start saving them for me.. Works fantastic. And for the buttons on cards, I buy embroidery machine stablizer in round plastic containers [about 14 in tall]. I store the card buttons in them.. Both these containers are see through, so I can see which contanier I need.. But they are not so small, that I have to have so many of them.. I also have one with misc buttons, of all colors and shapes..This one is just pretty.ha

  2. I just read a tip to use a safety pin to keep matching buttons together, and a larger size safety pin works for bigger buttons. It looked good, so i'm going to give it a shot =)