Friday, November 11, 2011

What in the World I've Been Doing

Well hello, long lost stranger friends of mine. It seems that I have been MIA around the blog world for the last few weeks. Life, particularly school, has been quite busy for me and sewing and blogging have taken a bit of a backseat.

I am still working on my jacket, but it is on hold unto the buttons I ordered come in the mail. Once I receive them I should have them sewn on pretty quickly and will finally have a finished object post for you all.  I nearly fainted mid aisle when I saw the prices of buttons at Joann's. So, I came home, and proceeded to spend a week perusing different Etsy shops before deciding on some plain 1" black buttons. I got 25 of them for the price of 6 at Joann's.

What else have I been doing? Well, I have cut a few more things out to hopefully get stitched up in the near future. I finally cut out a vintage repro Simplicity apron pattern that I've been wanting to sew up for ages. It does require 3 packs of bias tape though, that I will probably be cursing before it is all sewn on. I also cut out a modern McCall's dress in a lovely dark eggplant colored poplin with a contrasting light purple lining, and I have hacked out 1/2 of a fitted modern Vogue dress. I say 1/2 because I have yet to cut out the lining, which will be hot pink. ( If you recall a few posts back the hot pink lining was originally for a grey dress, which is now the purple dress, since I didn't have as much grey poplin as I originally thought I did.)

Hmm, what else have I been doing? Thrift store shopping of course! I bought a  lovely cream colored 60's coat with bound buttonholes and giant buttons at the Goodwil for $7. It had a bit of a rust stain near the hem though, so I bought a container of Oxyclean, held my breath for dear life, and plunged my "new" 50 year old coat into a bathtub full of cold water. Immediately, my bathroom smelled like a chemical factory. Whatever this thing was dry cleaned with in it's past was toxic. But, 24 hours of soaking later, I have a clean, rust stain free, much more pleasant smelling coat. I will warn you, if you ever plan on plunging vintage into Oxyclean water, I recommend a cocktail, or seven, first. Trust me, your nerves are gonna need it.

I also scored a vintage navy blue London Fog raincoat with the most adorable flower print lining in the world. It doesn't have bound buttonholes, and does include a garment care tag, so my guess it's from the 70s. It was also a Goodwill find.

Lastly, I got a royal-ish blue 60s fitted dress that has a high neckline with a bow and buttons all the way down the back. It's definitely mid-sixties and looks very "Joan-ish". I have a nagging suspicion that it has some wool content in it, and since it is already very fitted, I think I will take it to the dry cleaners. My nerves can't handle any more vintage and the bathtub episodes anytime soon. Just ask me what happened last time I tired to hand wash a vintage wool jacket. Well, on second thought, if the idea of a vintage jacket being able to stand up on it's own brings a tear to your eye, don't ask.

What else you ask? I have also been listing some new things in my Etsy shop, including some really adorable 70s kids patterns. I also listed some awesome vintage Christmas balls and stockings, and a dabble of Pyrex and Fire King. I still have about 60 or so patterns to count and list, but alas, this is time consuming, and boring. I'd live it if you'd come on over and check out my Etsy shop. ( There is a super adorable double breasted jacket for a toddler over there...)

Want more details of my oh so exciting life? Then press on dear reader, for I have more to share. Have you ever found a pair of shoes that completely and totally mesmerized you? Did you dream about these shoes day and night? Did you contemplate selling prized patterns just to get your mitts, er, footsies, on those shoes? I have found that pair of shoes. They're impractical, teal blue, look as if they fell straight from the 70s, and are just begging to be on my feet. Yes, I do love 70s porn star shoes and I make no apologies for it. I will get those shoes, just as soon as Etsy helps some more money find it's way to my Paypal account.

By the way, have you seen the 3 new retro releases from Butterick? If you haven't hop on over there and take a peak, you won't regret it. I am so in love with the new shift dress, even though I do have a bit of a reservation about how that sleeves would translate into real life.

Well, since this post may be the longest I have ever written, I am going to wrap it up now. I have to go drool over my 70s porn star shoes now, Oh, and I have to get up early tomorrow because there is an estate auction that lists sewing items, and gosh darn it, if there are sewing things within 50 miles of my house I will get my grubby little paws all over them. Sadly, at an auction the person with the most money wins, unlike estate sales where I can and do literally outrun others to scoop up the patterns. Old ladies don't phase me if patterns are involved, everyone is fair game*.

So, what are you sewing? Have you had to run like a mad woman, or man, to get your hands on any patterns lately? What magical pair of shoes have you been dreaming over? How about 70s porn star shoes, do you fall in love like I do?

* I promise I have never hurt anyone if my fight for patterns. Unless looks can kill of course, and then I have slayed a few people in the name of vintage Vogues.