Friday, February 17, 2012

A Sale For My Readers and Other Miscellany

Hello lovely readers! I'm just dropping by for a minute tonight to let you all in on a few secrets. First, in case you're wondering, I am working on a Vogue pencil skirt right now, but I am only about half way done. It's the first project that I have finally used my serger on though. Yay!

With all the patterns and sewing goodies that I have acquired lately I am running out of room. So, in an effort to make some room, I am having a 30% off any item in my Etsy store sale! Most patterns are only $3.50 with the discount! I also have lots and lots of vintage clothes in the shop as well. Just use the code 30PERCENT as checkout. ( This sale will only last through Sunday night.)

Here is my shop.


Also, I have the antique stocking pattern on Ebay right now which can be found here. 

I haven't counted the pieces to the Edwardian dress patterns yet, but if they are complete, I will have those listed on Ebay soon. ( However, if you;re interested in one of the dress patterns after I count them, shoot me an email, and I can set up an Etsy listing for you instead. )

Have a great night readers!

Tuesday, February 7, 2012

Finished: "Pass Me a Cupcake, Mrs. Cleaver" Apron

I finally have another finished object ladies and gentlemen! I made an apron so dripping with sugar and housewifey-ness it brings tears to my eyes. An apron with such characteristics must have an awesome name of course, so I present to you the " Pass Me a Cupcake, Mrs. Cleaver Apron."

The details:
Pattern: Simplicity 2592 ( A retro re-release from the Simplicity archives and still in print)
Fabric: Hot pink polka dot quilter's cotton from Joann's red dot section
Lining Fabric: A super sheer poly/cotton shirting from
What I changed: The way this pattern is written it does not call for a lining fabric, but instead the edges are to be encased in bias tape. Thee packs of bias tape to be exact. Well, I had pinned on about 1/2 pack of bias tape and was sick of it, so I decided to line it instead. I simply cut out every piece, with the exception of the shoulder straps and waistband, in the lining fabric and stitched right side to right side and then turned.  I encased the shoulder straps within the bib by pinning the straps inside of the bib so they ended up on the outside when I turned. Easy as pie, er a cupcake, and it gives it a nice drape to boot.
Make again: Maybe one day. Since I lined it, it did take a lot of fabric for an apron.
Recommend to others? If aprons are your thing, then I say go for it!