Monday, October 24, 2011

Recent Pattern Acquisitions and a Few Other Thrifted Goodies

Good morning! I thought that I'd share with you all today the patterns that I bought from an estate sale a few weeks ago. If you read this blog regularly, you'll know that I bought about 80 patterns, but decided not to keep all of them. If you're nosy like me you always want to know what other people paid when they share their goodies, so I'll tell you. I shelled out $20 for the box, a steal after my recent $300 pattern nightmare at an estate auction. I have listed some of them on Etsy, and sold a Vogue one for $40, so essentially, the ones I kept for myself were free. ( Or at least that's the way I like to look at it.)

I also made a super early to the Goodwill this morning and found a few goodies. And by early, I mean 8 am, which is the crack of dawn for a night owl like myself.

I bought these for $1.50 to sell on Etsy, but they're so cute I might not be able to part with them.

Those patchwork pants were just too crazy to let go of.

The children's faces are terrifying.

My ABSOLUTE favorite, but it's unprinted and and 2 sizes to small, but I will make it work one day!

What is that bra and jumper thing on the right?

A legit bikini pattern from the 70s, when tanning when still cool.

I can't figure out if this is a stretch woven or a knit. I do know, however, it wants to be a skirt for the holidays. $1

I'm pretty sure this is vintage as it isn't very wide, but it will be an awesome apron. $1.50
I can't say no to $3 Fire King.
So, there you have it thrifted goodies, more patterns, and even more fabric. I actually have been sewing, and only have a handful of steps left until I finally finish up my jacket. Stay tuned for a finished object post in the near future!

Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fabric: Woman's Best Friend

Readers, my fabric stash is out of control! And you know what? It is oddly satisfying to look at those mountains of glorious fibers.

So, how did my fabric stash go from a bit large, but manageable, to taking over? Well, you see, my aunt cleaned out her fabric stash, which I immediately raided. This got me an entire trash bag stuffed to the brim with fabric. Then, you may recall, I went to an auction, where a huge box of fabric followed me home for the paltry sum of three bucks. Fast forward a few weeks, and I stopped at two estate sales where at least 20 more yards came home to live with me. I guess I should also mention that about 80 or so vintage patterns came to live with me too, but the majority are, or will be in the near future, listed on Etsy.

My stash has been multiplying like rabbits, while finished garments have become an endangered species around here. I am still plugging away at my jacket, but at an snail's pace. I fear that my jacket is going to look a bit "mature", so some of my enthusiasm has dwindled. I only need to attach the collar, make buttonholes, and sew on the buttons to have it finished up though, so I don't want to end up with a 75% completed UFO.

Now, let's look at all the fabric loot.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I LOVE stripes! I think this may be rayon.

I think I have enough of this to make a jacket.

Please excuse this horrid photo. I didn't realize how bad it was until it had uploaded and my laziness prevents me from dragging it back out.

Yummy red corudroy

All for $3, plus some awful lime green polyester that I chucked and two holey chenille bedspreads that I put in the dogs bed to keep her warm

All from my aunt's stash, except for the blue polka dot piece that somehow made it into the pile.

Oh so lovely. It told me it wants to be a vintage button back blouse.

It didn't make it through the wash. :(

Sunday, October 16, 2011

What I'm Working on And What in the World Should I Make Next?

Hello all my lovely readers! I thought that I'd give you all a peek into what I'm currently working on. I feel like I have been sewing it forever, since I have finished every single seam with a zig-zag stitch. I so want a serger! It would be such a wonderful Christmas present, mom.....

Now, let's take a peak at the pattern and my fabric, shall we?

I am making the short version of the jacket. The outer fabric is some sort of synthetic suiting that I picked up from a thrift store for about $2 and the lining is a crisp white taffeta lining acquired from
Let me just say, taffeta is not your friend when trying to sew. It looks nice and crisp as a lining once it's all sewn up and  is very reasonably priced, but the actual sewing process will have your cursing. You have been warned fellow seamstresses!

I hope to have this all sewn up by the weekend, but I do have a bit of hand sewing to do, so don't hold your breath. 

Now, let's move onto to what I should sew up next. Like most seamstresses, I am always ten sewing projects farther along in my head than on my actual sewing machine. So, here is your chance to play a part in what I sew up next!

First up is this modern McCall's modern jacket pattern. I have a few yards of this lovely camel colored coating, but I would have to acquire some lining fabric for this. What color would you line this with? I really really like fun, bright linings.
Pros: I would have a super cute and unique coat for winter.
Cons: I'm not 100% sure I want to take on another lined and time consuming project right away.
 Next up is this vintage Simplicity pattern, and I'd be making the dress. If you've been reading this blog for a while you know that I've, ahem, attempted to sew this dress up once already. Shoddy, and rushed, construction and an unfortunate incident with the iron led to it's eventual trip to the trash though. Enough time has passes though that I think I'm ready to tackle it again.
Pros:  A super cute and fitted dress that should sew up in a reasonable amount of time since it isn't lined.
Cons: I am almost positive I don't have a zipper that matches so I would have to make a trip to Joann's. Also has a pretty tricky back kick pleat that could cause a bit of frustration.

Next we have another modern McCall's pattern, this time for a cute fitted dress. The outer fabric would be this lovely stone colored cotton poplin and the hot pink broadcloth is for the lining. I told you I like fun linings! Plus, I still have yards of the stuff even after making a super full dress and a skirt. It might be the best $2 I've ever spent. 
Pros: I've been dreaming about this particular dress for a while and would love to be able to actually wear it soon. 
Cons: A full lining is not going to make for an instant gratification project. I could also run into some potential fitting issues since I envision this dress being quite fitted. 

Last but not least we have this Vogue skirt that I've already cut out. I cut out the one in the top right hand corner that has six button embellishments on the front.The outer fabric is a thick, synthetic, thrifted, navy blue suiting and the lining is the remaining piece of white taffeta lining from my aforementioned jacket. 
Pros: It's already cut out which saves me an almost guaranteed back ache from hovering over the table. I already have all the needed notions.
Cons: I have to put up with sewing the mean taffeta again. I don't think I have any top that will match this currently in my wardrobe so it wouldn't be immediately wearable.
I'd love to have your input dears readers! What should I tackle after I finally finish my jacket?

P.S. I've added some more patterns to my Etsy shop, so check it out! I have lots more to add soon!

Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Sewing Inspiration

Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there? It seems I have been badly neglecting my poor blog these days. Shame on me! School has kept me quite busy lately, and I was out of town almost the entire week last week plus the weekend.

So, as you might imagine, not much sewing has been going on lately, though I REALLY want to be sewing. I'm working on a modern Butterick jacket that is lined right now. I would have more done but the fashion fabric and lining both fray like mad, and I've been finishing every seam. With. A.Zig-Zag. Stitch. Slow doesn't even begin to describe the process.I'll get some pics of it up in the next few days.

But for now, let's delve into some ooey gooey fall fashion goodness, shall we?

This little Shabby Apple number is to die for! I love the mustard color and the gargantuan collar.

This Kate Spade coat may just be the best thing ever, but has the worst price ever at over $600. Lucky for me, I have the perfect vintage pattern to recreate it, but unlucky for me I have no idea where one finds reasonably priced hot pink wool.

 I am practically going gaga over this amazing vintage number. I will find out a way to recreate this masterpiece one day.

Now this is a fabulous coat if I've ever seen one! Maybe if I start sewing a knockoff now, I'll have it completed by, say, my 40th birthday.

Well, there you have it my lovely readers, so great eye candy to start off the fall sewing season. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some serious amounts of sewing done and post a sneak peak of my jacket. What is everyone else planning to work on for fall?