Thursday, October 13, 2011

Fall Sewing Inspiration

Hello? Hello? Is anyone out there? It seems I have been badly neglecting my poor blog these days. Shame on me! School has kept me quite busy lately, and I was out of town almost the entire week last week plus the weekend.

So, as you might imagine, not much sewing has been going on lately, though I REALLY want to be sewing. I'm working on a modern Butterick jacket that is lined right now. I would have more done but the fashion fabric and lining both fray like mad, and I've been finishing every seam. With. A.Zig-Zag. Stitch. Slow doesn't even begin to describe the process.I'll get some pics of it up in the next few days.

But for now, let's delve into some ooey gooey fall fashion goodness, shall we?

This little Shabby Apple number is to die for! I love the mustard color and the gargantuan collar.

This Kate Spade coat may just be the best thing ever, but has the worst price ever at over $600. Lucky for me, I have the perfect vintage pattern to recreate it, but unlucky for me I have no idea where one finds reasonably priced hot pink wool.

 I am practically going gaga over this amazing vintage number. I will find out a way to recreate this masterpiece one day.

Now this is a fabulous coat if I've ever seen one! Maybe if I start sewing a knockoff now, I'll have it completed by, say, my 40th birthday.

Well, there you have it my lovely readers, so great eye candy to start off the fall sewing season. Hopefully tomorrow I'll be able to get some serious amounts of sewing done and post a sneak peak of my jacket. What is everyone else planning to work on for fall?


  1. Loving the bright colors on the coats, but my favorite is the dress in the black and white photo. I seem to be obsessed with the idea of sewing coats right now too; it must be a fall thing.

  2. The first dress is superb. It is definitely a must sew :D

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