Saturday, October 22, 2011

Fabric: Woman's Best Friend

Readers, my fabric stash is out of control! And you know what? It is oddly satisfying to look at those mountains of glorious fibers.

So, how did my fabric stash go from a bit large, but manageable, to taking over? Well, you see, my aunt cleaned out her fabric stash, which I immediately raided. This got me an entire trash bag stuffed to the brim with fabric. Then, you may recall, I went to an auction, where a huge box of fabric followed me home for the paltry sum of three bucks. Fast forward a few weeks, and I stopped at two estate sales where at least 20 more yards came home to live with me. I guess I should also mention that about 80 or so vintage patterns came to live with me too, but the majority are, or will be in the near future, listed on Etsy.

My stash has been multiplying like rabbits, while finished garments have become an endangered species around here. I am still plugging away at my jacket, but at an snail's pace. I fear that my jacket is going to look a bit "mature", so some of my enthusiasm has dwindled. I only need to attach the collar, make buttonholes, and sew on the buttons to have it finished up though, so I don't want to end up with a 75% completed UFO.

Now, let's look at all the fabric loot.

Isn't it gorgeous?

I LOVE stripes! I think this may be rayon.

I think I have enough of this to make a jacket.

Please excuse this horrid photo. I didn't realize how bad it was until it had uploaded and my laziness prevents me from dragging it back out.

Yummy red corudroy

All for $3, plus some awful lime green polyester that I chucked and two holey chenille bedspreads that I put in the dogs bed to keep her warm

All from my aunt's stash, except for the blue polka dot piece that somehow made it into the pile.

Oh so lovely. It told me it wants to be a vintage button back blouse.

It didn't make it through the wash. :(


  1. Oh wow! I hope you have a place to put it all! :) Other than stuffed in a corner somewhere (which incidentally, is where my fabric stash is sitting at the moment. oops.)

  2. Lovely! Don't feel bad though! Mine is quite large too! Plus I have lots of scraps I haven't been able to part with! I don't do crafty things, small projects or quilts so I really never use them.

  3. Ooooh. So much fabulousness. Hopefully you get to sew some of it soon!

  4. Oh I really like that multi colored polka dot one! Super cute!

  5. Yes! I feel the same way about my fabric stash-- oddly satisfying :)