Saturday, December 24, 2011

Am I One of The Cool Seamstresses Now?

....Because I got a serger!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Oh my goodness gracious, I am so incredibly excited! I have been hinting that I wanted a serger for months now, and my wish came true! Thanks mom!

I will have pictures soon since I plan on setting up tomorrow afternoon. I am crossing my fingers tat I can find a good Youtube tutorial on how to thread it, since I have never threaded a serger.

I also got a huge tin of vintage buttons from my aunt and a few more vintage buttons from my Grandma that had previously belonged to her mother.So much stuff to go through!

Now that I have a serger I have absolutely no excuses to not have a ton of finished objects to show your soon!

I hope that everyone has a very Merry Christmas and Happy Holidays!

Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Want a New Christmas Dress

Hello my dear and lovely readers! I do apologize for being so sporadic about posting to the blog lately. I was finishing up with school and getting things ready for Christmas has gotten the best of me. I am still not done with my Christmas shopping for the year, and I am normally the type who wants to be done shopping before December. I am going to battle the mall on Monday so if you never hear from me again you know I pepper sprayed someone over a parking spot and was promptly hauled away by the mall cops.

You see, there are going to be lots of finished objects in my life soon. These sort of finished objects are not of the fabric variety though. Instead, there will be mountains of cakes, cookies, and candy and the sweet smell of butter and sugar will be pouring from the kitchen.I love to bake just as much as I love to sew, and I tend to go overboard with the Christmas baking and cooking every year. Currently, there is a stack of about 12 cookbooks sitting in my bedroom floor just waiting to be used.

I did have grand hopes of stitching up a new apron to don while doing all my festive baking, and I even went so far as it cut it out. Sadly, unless the days before Christmas magically contain 36 hours each, I won't be stitching it up. I will pull out last year's Christmas apron, throw on some pearls and feel fabulous while I sling flour and egg shells around. Anyone want to volunteer to whip it up for me? It only requires stitching on three packs of 1/4" bias tape.

But, what I really want to celebrate Christmas with is a new me made dress. More specifically, I want the long sleeved version of Simplicity 2180 in plain back. I even have the perfect fabric, er bedsheets, to make it out of.

I have the pattern. I have the fabric. Maybe I can make the time? So, why, all of a sudden do I need this dress so badly? Well, the answer is simple. Shoes. Remember the totally impractical pairs of heels I'd been drooling over? I had affectionately named them my 70's porn star shoes. Thanks to Etsy those porn star shoes now reside in my closet. I really want to wear them for Christmas, but I don't have many wardrobe choices that match my new found skanky shoes.

I think the long sleeve dress would be the perfect thing to match my awesome shoes. The dress is a bit on the conservative side, which I think is needed to balance out the outlandishness of my new 5" heels. I am exactly six feet tall while sporting them. What do you think readers? Should I make the conservative dress or go for something more 70osh? A pair of bell bottom pants perhaps?

Do any of you love completely impractical shoes as much as I do? Tell me your thoughts.

Thursday, December 8, 2011

All Shoes are in the Shop

Hello readers! Just a quick check in to let anyone who might be interested know that all the vintage shoes I acquired are in the Etsy shop. ( There is also one pair of vintage stockings currently listed as well.)

I promise that there will be sewing posts as soon as I get done hand washing the seemingly endless amounts of clothing. I hope to have all the clothing listed in the shop in the next week or so.

I am thinking of offering a coupon code or a certain amount off, say $5 or so, for readers of the blog. Would anyone be interested in this? ( If I do $5 off you will have to convo me via Etsy and have me set the listing, along with the new price, as reserved, as there is currently no coupon code function for a set dollar amount.)

Happy Sewing!

Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Haul Part 2

Here is the second part of my vintage haul. I am missing one picture of a dress/jacket belt combo, as I had laid it aside to do some research on the designer and forgot to snap a pic. It's from the 60s and still has the original price tag of $190!

There were still hundreds of pairs of shoes left when I, the last person to leave, left the sale. Almost every single pair had it's original box, and some still had the tissue paper in the boxes. Sadly, many of the shoes were "AA" so they were very very narrow, and not very wearable to the modern foot. I did pick up 10 pairs though, all of which will be on Etsy. I'd love to keep them for myself, but I have ginormous feet, sadly. 

Also missing are the vintage bath robe that is a present for my mom for Christmas, and the few things that I used Christmas money for, as I don't actually get them until Christmas.

As I said before, almost everything you see here will be hitting the Etsy shop soon, and a few things are already listed.

These are the perfect holiday party shoe.

Vintage stockings

Whoops, terrible pic

It's velvet!

I'm keeping this little precious!

I think this might be silk.

Skirt, jacket, and dress combo

Pimp shoes!

Sunday, December 4, 2011

Vintage Clothing Haul of the Century

Hello dear readers! It's been a long time since we've seen each other. I make no apologies thought, as I spent 12 days in Nebraska seeing my favorite person in the whole wide world. Blogging and sewing have been the last things on my mind recently, that is, until I stumbled across the vintage clothing haul of the century over the weekend.

I had seen this estate sale listed before I left for Nebraska, but wrote it off as I was going to be out of town. When I returned to town, to my delight, they were having the sale for two more days, so my mom and I set off early Friday morning to get some goodies. All the clothing was 50% off, but they has originally been asking $32 for the suits, so nothing was terribly pricey but it wasn't cheap either. I pickled up a dress, jacket, and purse to be part of my Christmas present, as well as 4 pairs of shoes to sell on Etsy.

The lady running the sale said that clothing would be 75% off the next day. Hmm, 75% off I thought. So, you guessed it, I went back, sans mom this time, on Saturday. The sale was supposed to end at 2pm, by I was running late, and didn't arrive until 1:30sih. There was only a small handful of people there and lots of stuff still remained. So, I did was any good bargainer does, I asked if they were willing to make some deals. They were. Score! I nearly fainted when the lady told me she'd sell the suits for $2 and the dresses for 50 cents! I ran back to the clothing room and proceeded to make a pile of clothes as tall as myself. When it was all said and done I bought 45 suits, dresses, tops, and a purse. But, here is the best only cost $46!!!!!!  She ended up giving me a price on the lot, and it averaged out to around $1 a piece!!! I'm still giddy and excited,can't you tell?

Some of it did fit, and some of it didn't, so there will be lots and lots of stuff listed in my Etsy shop soon. ( There are a few pairs of unworn vintage shoes already listed.) I will have tons of adorable 60s suit sets listed soon, and many of them still have the original price tags.

So, I thought I'd share some of my goodies with you dear readers. This will be broken up into two posts as there are so many pictures. ( Please excuse the terrible photos. I still have to iron everything and take better pictures in the natural light before anything even thinks of hitting the Etsy shop.)