Monday, December 5, 2011

Vintage Haul Part 2

Here is the second part of my vintage haul. I am missing one picture of a dress/jacket belt combo, as I had laid it aside to do some research on the designer and forgot to snap a pic. It's from the 60s and still has the original price tag of $190!

There were still hundreds of pairs of shoes left when I, the last person to leave, left the sale. Almost every single pair had it's original box, and some still had the tissue paper in the boxes. Sadly, many of the shoes were "AA" so they were very very narrow, and not very wearable to the modern foot. I did pick up 10 pairs though, all of which will be on Etsy. I'd love to keep them for myself, but I have ginormous feet, sadly. 

Also missing are the vintage bath robe that is a present for my mom for Christmas, and the few things that I used Christmas money for, as I don't actually get them until Christmas.

As I said before, almost everything you see here will be hitting the Etsy shop soon, and a few things are already listed.

These are the perfect holiday party shoe.

Vintage stockings

Whoops, terrible pic

It's velvet!

I'm keeping this little precious!

I think this might be silk.

Skirt, jacket, and dress combo

Pimp shoes!


  1. Wow - those shoes look like they are in amazing condition! My shoes don't look that good even a week after I get them...

    Too bad I have large feet too (well, not large so much as deformed... after years of skating AA is NOT going to fit), because otherwise there would be a few fancy shoes coming my way...

  2. T-Sedai- My shoes never look that good either. All but one pair have never been worn though. Apparently, this woman had a habit of buying lots but never wearing any. :]

  3. Hey I really like that red dress with the giant teardrops, is that paisley? Tell me the size, please.......please...

  4. Molly- I will measure it as soon as I can and email you. It is currently taking it's turn in the oxiclean soak in my bathtub, lol.