Sunday, December 18, 2011

I Want a New Christmas Dress

Hello my dear and lovely readers! I do apologize for being so sporadic about posting to the blog lately. I was finishing up with school and getting things ready for Christmas has gotten the best of me. I am still not done with my Christmas shopping for the year, and I am normally the type who wants to be done shopping before December. I am going to battle the mall on Monday so if you never hear from me again you know I pepper sprayed someone over a parking spot and was promptly hauled away by the mall cops.

You see, there are going to be lots of finished objects in my life soon. These sort of finished objects are not of the fabric variety though. Instead, there will be mountains of cakes, cookies, and candy and the sweet smell of butter and sugar will be pouring from the kitchen.I love to bake just as much as I love to sew, and I tend to go overboard with the Christmas baking and cooking every year. Currently, there is a stack of about 12 cookbooks sitting in my bedroom floor just waiting to be used.

I did have grand hopes of stitching up a new apron to don while doing all my festive baking, and I even went so far as it cut it out. Sadly, unless the days before Christmas magically contain 36 hours each, I won't be stitching it up. I will pull out last year's Christmas apron, throw on some pearls and feel fabulous while I sling flour and egg shells around. Anyone want to volunteer to whip it up for me? It only requires stitching on three packs of 1/4" bias tape.

But, what I really want to celebrate Christmas with is a new me made dress. More specifically, I want the long sleeved version of Simplicity 2180 in plain back. I even have the perfect fabric, er bedsheets, to make it out of.

I have the pattern. I have the fabric. Maybe I can make the time? So, why, all of a sudden do I need this dress so badly? Well, the answer is simple. Shoes. Remember the totally impractical pairs of heels I'd been drooling over? I had affectionately named them my 70's porn star shoes. Thanks to Etsy those porn star shoes now reside in my closet. I really want to wear them for Christmas, but I don't have many wardrobe choices that match my new found skanky shoes.

I think the long sleeve dress would be the perfect thing to match my awesome shoes. The dress is a bit on the conservative side, which I think is needed to balance out the outlandishness of my new 5" heels. I am exactly six feet tall while sporting them. What do you think readers? Should I make the conservative dress or go for something more 70osh? A pair of bell bottom pants perhaps?

Do any of you love completely impractical shoes as much as I do? Tell me your thoughts.


  1. Oohhhh yes! I've been dying to see the long sleeved version of this dress (I made the short sleeved but think the long sleeved would be fabulous!!) And it would go perfectly with those shoes!!!

  2. I do hope you make the dress - I could easily visualize you look fab in it. As for the shoes, I chuckled over the name you gave it! Too funny. It seems that chunky platforms are back. I would rather walk in those than pointy stilettos!

  3. I think the black sleeved dress would be perfect with these shoes - especially for the holidays. Super cute, hope you can get it done!