Sunday, December 30, 2012

Recent Vintage Pattern And Button Additions

Happy New Year lovely readers! Guess what? I have been sewing! I know, it's crazy. I have finished 3 aprons, 2 of which were Christmas presents, and have almost finished a blouse out of some gorgeous crepe back satin. I will have some finished object posts coming soon so stay tuned.

Today, however, I thought I'd share some of my recent vintage button and pattern additions. The patterns came from thrift shops, an antique store, 3 from my step-grandma, ebay and some were a Christmas present from my aunt. The majority of buttons were also a Christmas present from my aunt with a few coming from an antique store.

These two are from ebay. The blouse isn't my size, but I think I am going to try my hand at resizing and make a muslin of it.

I have wanted the Buttons and Bows apron pattern forever and finally found a copy on ebay at a reasonable price. The PJ pattern also came from ebay.

These two absolutely gorgeous patterns were a Christmas present from my aunt. I believe she found them at an estate sale. Bonus, the pattern on the left is my size!

These two were also a gift from my aunt.

I can't get this to rotate for some reason. This was also a gift.

This pattern, as well as the two in the pic below, were a gift from my Grandma Barbara.

I bought these two at an antique store in Omaha, NE for $1.50 total.

These two are from the same antique shop and cost $1 each. I have some vintage wool for the cape, but want to make a trial run first before I cut into my prized wool.
Costumes aren't normally my thing, but these were being destroyed in a bin full of rubble at a Goodwill Warehouse so they came home with me.

These also came from the thrift store. Isn't that clown costume downright creepy?

These were $1 each at an antique store in Kansas City, MO. They were a little more than I'd usually pay, but I bought these instead of any tacky souvenir type items on my trip.  

These also came from the Kansas City antique mall.

Tons of buttons from my aunt as a Christmas gift. There are lots of multiples so I will have plenty of matching buttons to use.