Friday, August 26, 2011

A Visual Update of My Sewing Life

Hello lovely readers! My posting these pasts few weeks has been quite sporadic and in all honesty I just have had little sewing related topics to blog about. Thankfully, I have survived the first week of classes and did come out of the mess with an overpriced parking sticker. Infuriatingly, the parking situation on campus is the worst I have ever witnessed. There are about double the number of cars than there are spaces and the administration keeps posting letters on Facebook, how charmingly professional of them, to pretty much tell us we need to suck it up and deal with it. Sure, I'll just park on the 80 degree hill in the overflow lot after I battle a professor for a space, since even the professors are routinely having their cars towed for parking in the grass beside the faculty lots. Thanks for listening to my rant, now let's move on to sewing stuff, shall we?

I have decided to put the dress that just wasn't quite working out aside for now, but I do plan on returning it to it one day. Those might be my famous last words.

This is the pattern that isn't going so well.
So, as I mentioned in my last post, I want to make one more summer dress, as some sort of last hurrah. I am dreading the impending winter, even though a Virginia winter is laughably mild compared to some. So, what pattern is up next? Take a look below. ( You can't see the fabric, but it is a plain, natural colored linen.)

Also, in other sewing related projects, I have decided that it's finally time to recover the sleeve board that I picked up an estate sale a few months ago. I will update this post with a pic soon. I cannot seem to get the sleeve board pics to load.

I'm off to browse all the new releases from the pattern companies.

Happy Sewing!

P.S. I have added lots more things to the Esty shop, 19something, and I'd love if you'd come check it out.


  1. Campus parking is always bad everywhere! At the schools I went to, they purposely had about half the estimated number of required parking spots. Supposedly got extra government money for being "environmentally friendly" by having a low parking space to student ratio. Don't know if that was true or not, but it is what I heard from people in the know. I do know they were encouraging public transit although it was laughably poor in that city (one bus ever hour and a half is not conducive to student life...) Professors had reserved spots and the administration wasn't using facebook to post notices though, so we had it a little bit better I guess.

    Then, of course, there was the scientific equipment that is too large to fit in a building and lives out in a bubble tent in the parking lot... The department has to pay for the parking spaces they are taking up on an annual basis, and the cost is something like $1000 per spot... yeah. It probably costs them over $20,000 annually just to house the thing, nevermind actually operating it...

    So yeah, year you on the parking rant! Maybe sewing will help soothe the nerves a bit :-)

  2. I am having to put aside a dress that I am completely not getting right. I need to sew something nice and easy to bring back my sewing mojo.

    I just noticed from your Etsy shop that you're in Roanoke. How fab! I graduated from Hollins some years ago :) It's just funny that I'm in London reading sewing blogs and one of the writers is in my old stomping grounds.

    Good luck with the shop!

  3. Oh wow, Roanoke?! That's where my parents are from and pretty much my entire extended family live there. I end up visiting at least a few times a year. Small world. :)