Sunday, September 11, 2011

An Auction and The Fight For Patterns

Hello lovely readers! I thought that I'd share with you today about my auction experience. A few days ago I saw an auction posted on Auction Zip ( a great place to find local auctions), that stated they had sewing patterns. Hmm, sewing patterns I thought, I'll be there. Having frequented auctions before, and picking up sewing goodies for a few bucks a pop, I figured I'd have no problem having my pick of the patterns for thirty or so dollars. Oh my goodness gracious, wrong I was!! I would offer an educated guess that there were about 200-250 patterns, which sold for almost $300. At an auction with only about 70 people there at the busiest time! The patterns were the priciest item to sell all day, beating out all of the furniture.

Readers, I wanted those patterns. I was drooling over those patterns. From the moment I laid eyes on them, they were "mine" in my mind. I was picking out fabric and dreaming of sewing. I bid the patterns up to $100, which was pushing my comfort zone price wise big time, but had to back out when the price got to over $100 and showed no signs of slowing down. I did hold back the tears since I didn't want to be seen as the weirdo crying under the shade tree. I was already the youngest person there buying things, crying would have only compounded the looks I was getting. For a brief moment, I may have considered beating someone up for those patterns. I'm sure it couldn't have been more than a misdemeanor and I'm sure one of you lovely readers would have bailed me out of jail. Right? Right? What if I told you there was a whole box of Advance patterns? Would you bail me out then if I slipped you a few of the under the table?

Luckily, the entire day wasn't a bust though. I managed to buy a huge container of buttons for only $10, a real steal when you consider how much buttons cost at Joanns. I bought lots of goodies to load up my Etsy shop with, along with some lovely goodies to hoard myself. Before today I never knew that I needed a vintage badminton set for a dollar. Despite the fact that I have no children two mid century-ish kids chairs followed me home. ( Well, barely followed me home, as I had my little bitty car loaded down in true hoarder fashion.) I did manage to get a large box of fabric for $3 which contained some red double knit which will be a dress for winter. Actually, given the amount I have I think I could make each and every one of you a dress for winter. Almost all of it is polyester but for $3 I can use it for muslins cheaper than I can actually buy muslin. You've gotta love being thrifty!

So, let's see round one of my auction goodies! ( Some of it will be in the shop soon if you're interested.)

These were only 50 cents each!

I bought 5 T.V trays for $1. I think they'll be cherry red soon.

Who could resist that box?

A punch set for $1? Yes, please.

It completely folds up. How cool is that?

Suitcases are great for storage, especially when they're a dollar!

I had to buy a HUGE box of mostly crappy ( think dollar store felt stockings) Christmas stuff just to get these vintage balls.

Mad Men party anyone? It cost a quarter!

I'm not parting with these pretties!

This is THE creepiest snowman ever created by mankind.

A quarter? I'll take it!
Ladies and gentlemen, I bought even more stuff than this. For a grand total of $37, and the buttons were $10 of that! If you like seeing goodies that I dug out of "hiding" check back soon for my other treasures! I'll post my newest sewing project that I will hopefully have time to start next week soon.


  1. Wow, 300 bucks? That is really sad, I would have cried. Then maybe some old person will take pity and give some to you! hahaha I like all the loot, especially the creepy snowman!

  2. I've never braved an auction before, but if these are the sorts of things you can find at them, SIGN ME UP FOR THE NEXT ONE!

    Although booo about the patterns. :( Shame you couldn't do some back-door dealing with whoever won the auction to get a few of your favourites.

  3. I have a friend who goes to auctions all the time. I've been meaning to go to one with her-- haven't yet, though. Are you selling those chairs in your shop?

  4. Liza Jane- I still need to clean them up first. I am still debtaing seliing them in the shop because the wood on the seat of one is beginning to seperate just a bit and I want to see if it can be fixed. I also need to find out the best way to ship them before I list. :]

  5. Its too bad you didn't win your patterns, but you made out like a bandit! Wow what a haul!

  6. Too bad about the patterns. That price seems insane for an auction - even if there were a box of old Advance patterns. But what you did find looks wonderful! And at much better prices