Tuesday, March 27, 2012

If It Were March 1962...

Hello lovely readers! I thought that I'd share some images from the March 1962 edition of Ladies Home Journal with you all.

I do have a dress finished, but I currently have a combination of a nasty cold and allergies, and don't want "Rudolph nose" pictures on the internet. Besides, I have to spend my days complaining about the "worst:" cold of my life to any poor soul who dares to come within 15 feet of me. I do not handle sickness well, or quietly. So, I will take a break from my obnoxious whining for a few minutes to show you all some fantastic vintage images.

Vintage advertisements, particularly for clothing, shoes, and accessories, can be very helpful for getting a period correct look if you like dressing vintage. Personally, no matter how correct my look was, my 60s free love hair would mess up the outfit. But my hair is another story for another time.

A cute little baby on the cover. So sweet!

Cute and sensible 60s shoes.

This outfit ( suit, coat, shoes, accessories) cost $72.85 in 1961. According to an inflation calculator, that is $554.69 in modern dollars!

I can't image having to wear a bra without lycra. Ahh, the things we take for granted as modern day women.

I NEED this stove! I am not certain, but I believe Trudy and Pete Campbell have a similar pull out style stove on this season of Mad Men. Does it look similar to anyone else?

A great coat. I believe it is Dior, but the text is hard to identify the correct picture.

What I wouldn't do for this coat. I think this one is a Galanos.

This is made of wool and surah silk. Designer is Norman Norell?

I just had to include this, because, at first glance, you would never guess this is a ....... tampon advertisement! 

That is all for today. I do have some more pics from this issue that I will post. Are magazine speads something you all like seeing? I have a few more 50s and 60s magazines, and my mother has quite a few that I could share here. Just tell me what you think!


  1. Keep it up! Love to see vintage magazines.


  2. Hi! We actually have Pete and Trudy's exact stove in our kitchen and yes, it is a 1964 Frigidaire Flair. When we saw it on the show I got so excited! Anyway, if you really want to get one, there is a Google group devoted to them and there are always people on there looking to buy and sell them. Good luck with the sewing, I love all of these magazine pages!