Thursday, May 10, 2012

Desr McCalls, We Need To Chat

That's right. I have a beef with the McCalls pattern company. Actually, I suspect that many of you have the same beef with them as well. Perhaps we should all band together and picket their headquarters, or start a petition on Well, I suppose I should tell you what has me so up in arms if I expect all of you to jump on the bandwagon with me.

So, here it goes. I want McCalls to reproduce their vintage patterns like Vogue and Butterick! Are you listening McCalls? I am rather positive there is a market for this. In my opinion, McCalls had some of the best designs in the 40s and 50s with great details and awesome draping. While, as longtime readers know, I have accumulated a stockpile of patterns, I truly don't have that many 40s McCalls. I do buy up every pre-80s pattern found at estate sales that I can get my selfish little hands on, but I am limited to what I find at sales.

Furthermore, I would like to propose that in addition to simply reproducing wonderful vintage designs, that the sewing public would be allowed to vote on which designs they'd like to be able to purchase. Now, for you skeptics among us, allow me to offer you some visual evidence as to why my pleas and demands should be answered.

Just take a moment and let the sheer awesomeness of this dress sink in. The high neckline and lowered back are perfect details. Ad how I wish I could find fabric that looks like the drawing. I nominate this pattern to be the first that McCalls recreates. Source

Next up in my visual argument is McCalls 8509, a fantastic "peeling petal" dress that has quite a few requests under the wanted section on the Pattern Wiki. I am positive that sewists would buy this pattern if it were offered for sale once again. Source

Isn't this one of the most lovely dresses you've ever seen? A late 40s, floor length, sweetheart neckline gown makes my heart beat a little bit faster. I would sew this up even if I had no where else to wear it but Wal-Mart. Source

How perfect would this cute little swimsuit be for summer? As someone who is a truly whiter shade of pale, a bathing suit that provides a bit more coverage for my pasty white skin is perfect. This suit would look cute and covers, without looking as if I shopped i the Alfred Dunner section. Please re-release this McCalls. Pretty please? Source

Now, how about this number? I could see this made up in a dressier fabric for night time, or a lighter fabric for an elegant sundress. And that sweet little bow is the icing on the cake. Source

This pattern would designed by the talented Pauline Trigere. Since I am not a lawyer I don't know what legalities would be involved in reproducing a "designer" pattern, but how I wish they would remake this one. Take a closer look at the drawing of the dress in white on the envelope, as it depicts the deep V shape of the back bodice. Source

Lastly, we have pictorial evidence that McCalls had some of the most interesting draping of all the pattern companies. While this pattern would surely be out of my current skill range, I'd buy a copy just to swoon at those envelope illustrations. Wouldn't you? Source

Truthfully, I could spend all day surfing the Pattern Wiki and finding patterns I'd love to be reproduced. To be quite honest, given the current vintage craze and Mad Men phenomena, I don't understand why McCalls hasn't started a vintage repro line.

So, readers, would you buy McCalls pattern is they released some vintage designs? Do you have pattern in particular you'd like to see reproduced? Tall me all about it!


  1. OMG. I was just thinking about this VERY SAME thing yesterday! I say we should start a campaign! There are so many beautiful vintage McCall patterns!!!!

  2. I would sew up the third dress pattern in a heartbeat. And I know I'd have no where to wear it except Wal-mart. I'd sign the petition.

  3. Those patterns are ORGASMIC! We have the same taste! Soooo glad I found your blog!

  4. I would absolutely make these if i had the patterns!!!! Love!

  5. LOVE the third dress pattern and the last one. I would buy a re-print of those for sure! Actually, Burda just released some vintage re-prints in their latest Spring/Summer line. Not that they are affiliated with McCall's, but it does seem like the pattern companies are aware that there is a market for these vintage re-prints. If McCall's did do the reprints I would probably buy some.

  6. I would sign that petition in a hot minute. I LOVE McCall's vintage patterns and would definitely buy the reprints if they issued them ... especially that swimsuit!!

  7. That evening dress is so beautiful, it has made me reconsider the dress I had in mind for my wedding dress! Wow!

  8. I'll join your campaign!

    If this is my signature to reissue, then so be it!


  9. I was just telling my daughter someone should get a petition going. McCalls has some of the best vintage patterns hands down.