Sunday, June 3, 2012

More Visual Proof For McCalls

Hello, wonderful readers! Well, since I am still out of town there has been no sewing going on for me. However, I did buy 4 sewing patterns at an antique store in Omaha about a week ago. If you can't sew you can always buy sewing supplies. So, instead, I'd like to present to you part two of why McCalls needs to release some of their fabulous vintage designs. Eye candy for the vintage pattern lover. All pics are from the vintage pattern wiki.

Feast your eyes upon McCalls 4084, a fabulous dress complete with open back and bows. I would shorten this to the knee and prance around my house pretending to be a Manhattan socialite in this dress. Care to join me?

I would sew this up for summer in a heartbeat! I like to be pretty covered up at a pool because of how pale I am and this would be perfect. This little beach jacket is so much cuter than modern, clingy cover ups.

An evening dress with sleeves? What a novel idea! *sarcasm* The lace overlay on the short sleeved version is gorgeous and would make such a pretty wedding dress. I can just imagine a modern bride getting married in a beautiful, lush garden walking down the aisle in that dress. Reprint this pattern so we can make that happen McCalls!

I'm pretty sure this is a night gown and a bed jacket. It is so lovely and elegant. Why wear stretchy, faded PJ pants when you can go to bed in this looking like a goddess? Just not one of Mr. Sheen's goddesses.

I cannot even begin to image how complicated this would be to sew, but I can imagine how fabulous it would be to wear. The drape! The bow! How can you not love this?

I'm not sure what the technical name is for a hem that flares out like this, but I do love it indeed! While I am not usually a fan of this length of dress, I would probably give it a try with this dress. Perfect for all the cocktail parties on yachts that I attend.

This pattern is simply glorious! I am quite jealous of the person who owns this little beauty.

Lastly, we have this absolutely adorable little number. This would be so perfect to wear on the beach and pick up sea shells in. You know, cause everyone needs a sea shell outfit.

So, how are we sewing bloggers going to convince McCalls to get on the ball and start releasing vintage patterns? Does anyone volunteer to get a job there to infiltrate their ranks?


  1. I think we should organize mass emailings to Mccalls and linking to your blog posts about it!!

  2. Haha yachts. 3459 is mermaid style when they're talking about wedding dresses, but usually ankle length.

  3. Dear god, I want them all. Every single one. I would totally prance around with you, Cosmo in hand :)