Thursday, July 19, 2012

Have You Heard Of Amerimark? ( Vintage Looking Shoes!)

I had never heard of this company before today, when I spotted some interesting looking pins on Pinterest and decided to peruse the source. After spending a few moments on the site, I soon understood why I had never heard of the company before. I am approximately 50 years younger than their target audience. The key word here is target. This seems to be a company that markets clothing, shoes, and other such items to the retiree crowd. However, if you happen to be a Gen Y'er, or a Gen X'er for that matter, who likes to wear vintage inspired dress, then you may want to give this site a whirl. While I'd personally stay away from the polyester, perma-pleat  pants they offer, I have a thing for the shoes. Well, not the orthopedic shoes, but there are still lots of goodies too. Take a look here.

I'm sure whomever designs the footwear would never in a million years believe that there would be a market of 20 and 30 somethings to sell the footwear too. While some of the options looks a bit too 80s for my taste, there are tons of cute, and affordable, vintage-esque footwear options available on this site. Just for the record, I am not affiliated with this site, nor have I purchased anything from them yet, so I cannot attest to quality or customer service. If I do decide to purchase something, I will definitely write a blog post on it.

These shoes definitely have a 20's feel to them. The scalloped edges are wonderful and best of all they only cost around $12! I bet I have you're attention now! Even better, medium, wide, and extra wide widths are available, something you're certainly not going to find in authentic 20s shoes.

How about these? I think they have a 50's vibe with the moderate, sensible heel as well as being in a fun shade of pink. It also seems to come up a bit higher, showing no "toe cleavage" that screams modern shoe to me. A tad bit pricier at $30, but not outlandish either.

How darling and 40's are these? I love the hot pink color and the neutral base. If you ask me, these also shoe the perfect amount of toe to evoke thoughts of the 40s. These will set you back less than $15.

A flat shoe like this would be so cute and fun with a great pair of fitted, tapered 60s pants. Perfect for a picnic or out to dinner. The little bow is just icing on the cake.

But wait, there's more! This site sells more than just shoes that would work well with vintage.

They sell long-line bras if you truly want that vintage look under your clothing. This bra certainly isn't most peoples definition of sexy, but I can image this would do wonders under a wiggle dress.

They even sell full length slips! Try finding one of those at the mall. You'll have an easier time just buying a dress that looks like a slip.

Have you ever ordered anything from this website? Is this the company that also sells things by advertising in the coupon section of the Sunday news paper? Do you all like any of the shoe styles they offer, or would I just look goofy sporting any of those kicks? Chime on in!


  1. Hehheh. Some of them are pretty funny -- and the web interface is kind of obnoxious -- but I agree that there are some hidden gems here! I was mostly interested because I already have bad feet and lower back pain at the age of 25, so I need to invest in more supportive shoes that don't LOOK supportive, you know. It seems like I could find something here. I can't believe how affordable these are! Crazy.

  2. Wow the website is the definition of OLD PERSON! It seems like they took a catalogue and copied the format to the internet. Admittedly, there's some really cute stuff hidden in there....can't believe how cheap it is.