Saturday, September 17, 2011

An Update With a Side of Rambling

Hello my amazing readers! If you follow my Facebook page, you know that I said I was going to have a new finished object post up soon. Unfortunately, I came down with a nasty cold that has had me doing nothing but sleeping and drinking Nyquil with a bendy straw for days. So, hopefully I will have my new finished object post up in a day or two, or whenever my Rudolph nose fades.

So, feeling as if death were eminent ( I don't deal well with colds), I have had plenty of time to waste perusing the interwebs.More on this in a few minutes though.

I was feeling a bit better today, and did a bit of shopping my with mom. Oh my goodness, sewing has made me a clothes snob. I've always been a check the price first kind of person. I don't care if it is "I love it with every fiber of my being and will not be able to live without it" cute, once I see that price tag I can change my tune at the drop of a hat. Nothing, and I repeat nothing, is ever $50 cute. You see, now I check tags, and not just price tags. I want to see what the fiber content of everything is. Is it polyester? If no, proceed with cuteness and price check. If yes, start with the price tag. Is it more than ten dollars? If yes, put that little sucker back on the rack as fast as you can.. Polyester is cheap and it's not coming home with me. Well, it's not coming home with me if it costs more than five bucks. So, when the day was all said and done, I came home with one tank top from Ann Taylor loft, two mini hand sanitizers, and some 80s patterns. The moral of the story? Sewing has positively ruined my ability to be ignorant about fiber content and shoddy construction.

Next, remember how I said being sick has given me copious amounst of time to surf the internet and get drunk on Nyquil? Well, this works to your advantage readers. Have you ever seen this website? Do not, at any cost, click that link unless you have, at a minimum, two hours of free time in your immediate future. What is this magical, time sucking site you ask? Well that site would be Wish Book Web, where you'll find entire copies of various Sears catalogs from the 30s to the 80s. There are also some Spiegel catalogs and Lord and Taylor catalogs. The best part? They're completely free to download and enjoy!

I have also become quite obsessed over pinning things to Pinterest. Do you pin? Can we follow each other? It would be awesome to be able to pin things and have other people suggest patterns that would be suitable, and to be able to help others out with the same thing. Does anyone know if you can make teams on Pinterest? If you'd like to follow me, you can find me here.

So, hopefully I will start feeling better and get to sewing soon! So, readers, I have some questions for you. Have you become a clothes snob since you started sewing? How much time are you going to lost on Wish Book Web? Do you pin?


  1. I've joined pintrest, but I can't get into it. :(

    I have, however, become a total clothing snob. But part of it is that I'm realizing just how poorly it all fits on my body, and refuse to put up with it. Why should I wear a top that is too tight at the chest in one size and a tent in the other? Why would I put up with a skirt that's too short because everyone wants to wear a skirt half way up their thighs? And why the heck would I pay that much for shoddy material and construction? I can make that for under $10!

    Er...I don't buy much new anymore. lol

  2. Rebecca, Get to feeling better. I am and always have been a clothing snob. I enjoy making my tailored fitting clothes. I know they are just perfect for me. I will never just buy something off the rack anymore. I also hate clothing that shows off way too much of my skin, another reason I hate summer. I am a very modest person and I can't stand shorts or skirts that show to much. I like to be classy and mysterious. I think it more appealing to see a woman dressed with more cloth on her body to be honest. XOXO Bran

  3. I haven't joined Pinterest. I see the appeal, but I get obsessive about potential sewing projects, so it is probably best to limit the ideas to the space in my brain. I don't know. I may join the party eventually.

    As for clothes shopping - I too am so picky now! I have also started reading the materials labels and am much more choosey about fit. I will buy ready-made jeans because I haven't made my own (yet) but I wear them all the time. Polyester has a place in my wardrobe (I can't afford to line everything with silk charmeuse), but I am much more thoughtful about its application. I went with my sister to a store the other day and I pretty much turned my nose up at the incredibly poor quality of the "winter coats." Having just finished one for my sister, the poor quality of their materials made me feel slightly repulsed.

  4. Feel better! I second that I'm a big old clothes snob too. I didn't like spending money on clothes before I learned to sew, now I am a complete nightmare. I also find clothes I kind of like and start examining seams and have actually taken pictures of stuff. The husband is not impressed with my etiquette!

  5. I don't shop much either anymore but when I do shp I am actually often amazed at how some thing can be so cheap even though they have so many hard to sew details and design elements. It makes me sad to think workers are being paid so little to sew such complicated garments. Clothes are actually so much cheaper now than compared to when things were actually made in the US or Europe.