Thursday, March 29, 2012

Lets Talk About Hair!

Can we talk about our hair dear readers? Can we also talk about what you think I should do to my hair? My hair is quite long right now. It may actually be the longest it has ever been in my life. From root to tip, my longest layer measures in at approximately 27" now. That equates to a lot of hair that has to be washed, conditioned, and dried, every single day. I know lots of people wash their locks, every other day, but I just cannot do that. My roots end up being too greasy. Readers, do you wash your hair daily, every other day, or do you have another routine?

My hair happens to be really, really straight naturally. I do not use a straightening iron.I have taken to calling it my hippie hair; long, flowing, straight. I would have fit in perfectly in the late 60s and early 70s. My hair, however, will pretty much not take, and hold, a curl though. Especially at this length, curling it is completely out of the question. It is also so thick, that ponytails are beginning to be impossible, as I either snap the hair tie, or I can't get it tight enough to hold the weight of my hair and it falls right back out. Oh, the first world problems I am plagued with!

There are also some other problems with come with long hair. I am slowly going broke buying conditioner, even the cheap Suave professionals kind I use. I will not pay the price for true salon products when I can tell no difference in how my hair reacts. The bathtub and shower drains both drain at a snails pace, no matter how much drain cleaner I force them to drink. I routinely pull my own hair by laying on it, and have even shut it in the car door on windy days. I also have one other hair problem, though it is not related to the length. In the last two months or so, the color of my hair has started to change. It has went from being a nice shade of brown to looking very brassy, especially in sunlight. I avoid sunlight like the plague, so it hasn't been caused my more sun exposure. ( I would rather have no wrinkles later than a tan now.)

Now, despite all of my complaints, I do like having long hair. I like that the only styling that I do is drying it with the hair dryer. ( We won't talk about how many hair dryers I have broken though.) I do think that I am up for a bit of a haircut though. I desperately need a hair cut to tame my split ends, as the last time it was cut was May 2011. Did I mention that I loathe having to pay money for a haircut? I'd rather have split ends than have to cut into my estate sale and fabric money.

I have thought of donating it to Pantene's Great Lengths program which makes wigs, free of charge, for women and children who have lost their hair due to cancer treatments. The minimum length is 8", but I would have to cut off at least 2" to get rid of split ends, totaling 10". I am not sure I am willing to chop off that much. So, readers, I am asking you, what do you think I should do with my hair? Let it grow til it reaches my knees? Chop it all off into a bob? Dye it blue with Kool-Aid packets? Start a new trend by only cutting one side short and leaving the other super long?

I'd also love to know what you plan on doing with your hair for the summer? Going short? Letting it grow? Tell me more!


  1. I'm going short! I wash daily but only condition twice a week as my hair is super fine. I usually have the opposite of your pony tail problem! Mine is so thin and fine it likes to fall right out!

    There are a couple things you could look into if you are thinking about getting it chopped off but don't want to spend a fortune. Sometimes, colleges and other places do hair donation drives where you can come in and get a free haircut for donating your locks. (I know my school does one every year.) Also, you can see if there are any cosmetology schools around who have their students give cuts. I can't say that it'll be free but usually it's cheaper than a salon and there's always a teacher around in case something goes eyry. And if all you want to do is lose a few inches off the bottom, you can get a pair of hair scissors from Walmart and have a friend shorten it for you.

    1. I have been thinking of the cosmetology school option, as a salon just for the students to practice opened at my local mall recently. I may go give them a call and ask about prices. :]

  2. Your long hair is beautiful! That being said, I don't think I will ever go long again! I started getting my hair cut shorter and shorter. Then recently I bit the bullet and went for a pixie. I love it! It's so much less hassel and I don't worry about how I'm going to wear it that day. But if you aren't ready to go super short, do what you think you will be comfortable with.

  3. I recommend donating!! I have done it 3 times now and donated it to the charity Locks of Love. They do the same thing only their minimum is 10". Great Clips, while generic, is where I go to donate. They also give you a free cut and style when donating. I have had my hair every length imaginable and I know it can be scary from going from such long hair to short but knowing that I am donating it to someone in need makes me feel so much better about it. Which is why I keep doing it!

  4. Rebecca, could I suggest something to you? I don't know that I would jump into donating, I love donations, but this is your hair and you may really feel a sense of shock and lost. You may not be ready to get that much cut. That's a lot of hair! My hair is longer than it has ever been, I have the same problems as you. Could I suggest you get about 4 inches off and see if you can put your hair up in a pony tail? You could also ask the stylist to cut your hair and make a deal with her that you can come back in a day or two to cut some more off if you desire. I have done this. If you are really into the vintage look you may not to cut more. My hair is super straight and I just discovered Hot Tools curling irons. I got the 3/4 inch. Because of the smaller size my hair for the first time curled. Good luck, I know this is a hard decision. I recently cut 2 1/2 inches off and it helped a lo, I could have taken another inch. By the way, Your hair is really beautiful!

  5. You don't have "hippie hair"; it't too neat---and clean!

    Remember, no matter how much you cut off, it will grow back, right?

  6. I read somewhere that straight hair looks greasy faster, because the oils can slide down the straight strands more quickly. Who knows---mine is very straight and pretty oily, too. Although I weaned myself off the every-day washing sometime after my kids were born---I now wash it every other day, for the most part.

    Has your diet changed at all lately? I know that hair going brittle and reddish (if originally dark) can be a sign of protein deficiency. I once knew a vegan who had that happen to him...

    Good luck with deciding what to do! I have great envy for people who can actually grow theirs long, as mine starts splitting faster than I can grow it at about shoulder-length. That being said, I love my medium-short-spiky look, and while it requires a fair bit of gunk, it's pretty darn fast to style.

  7. I want to cut mine, but it's never been this long. I think I have to let it go for a little while longer. Who knows though, this summer when it's blazing hot I just might chop it all off!

  8. Oh a topic dear to my heart (head). I also have very straight, long, easily greasy hair. I wash it every day and am always jealously amazed by ppl who can go longer. You should just trim off a few inches, maybe 2. It will make it silkier feeling and lighter. I use that Pantene Great Lengths shampoo and conditioner; it is cheap and nice (5 bucks a tube and I use huge handfuls). You should buy a ZIP-IT! You jam it down the drain and it pulls the hair clog back up. It is disgusting and miraculous all at once. There are videos on youtube and it's like 3 bucks. I did the Locks of Love/chop off all my hair into a bob and while it was for a good cause, I regretted it.

    Hmm, is that enough of a ramble for you? I love long hair and I am growing mine out for good. You hair looks impressively nice and long. I say get a trim and keep it!

  9. Your hair is beautiful.. I love long, straight hair..I have curly hair ,and it too had its difficulties.. On humid, rainy has a mind of its own..Does its on thing,ha.
    But, the good thing is... I only have to wash mine twice a week[about every 3 days].
    I would trim the dead ends off [2-3 inches].Try that ,for awhile, and see how you like it, and decide if you want more?
    Good luck in what ever you decide.