Friday, July 13, 2012

Where Have All The Coat Patterns Gone?

Hello lovely and fabulous readers! Yes, I am still out of town, which means no sewing for me.

So, today I want to talk about coat patterns, or more specifically my perceived lack of coat patterns available from the pattern companies. In particular, I am going to focus on Vogue patterns, since they offer more designer patterns than the other companies do. While Vogue certainly isn't devoid of coat patterns, it offers 23 selections in the coats and capes section, I feel that their designer coat patterns could use a bit of a revamp. While Vogue does offer a few more fitted, tailored styles, many of it's offerings fall under the "easy wear" category, if you will.

For example, Vogue offers this pattern by Donna Karen. While it is not my style, I could see it looking nice on someone. However, this type of shapeless coat seems to be rather prevalent.

Arguably, many of the vintage coat patterns I drool over are out of my current skill set range, but that doesn't change the fact that I like the patterns. If Vogue offered more fitted, flattering designs, being out of my skill set wouldn't deter me from buying them. I can always grow into my patterns, skill wise. I wish Vogue would commission more tailored, designer coat patterns to help suppress my seemingly insatiable pattern appetite. Lets look at a few vintage coat patterns, shall we? If only Vogue would reproduce these amazing jewels.

Look at this fabulous Nina Ricci number from the late 60s. It has a unique collar, interesting button placement,and is just fabulous all around if you ask me. I would buy this pattern in a heartbeat if a re-print were available, as I've seen originals cost a pretty penny on Ebay.

Look at this Pierre Cardin number! This is a fabulous, chic coat. I must argue that one would feel exponentially more chic wearing this number, as opposed to the modern Donna Karen pattern. Would you sew this up and proudly parade it while out on the town?

While this pattern isn't a designer offering, it is phenomenal nonetheless. Though asymmetry is generally not something I am drawn to, I seem to make a glaring exception for coats. I love off center placed buttons. I'd love to make this up in a navy colored wool and sport some red pumps while wearing it. Oh la la!

If you think I want Vogue to bring every patterns ever made out of their vaults, don't worry. There is one little number that should be locked up and the key forever lost. If you have small children in the room I advise you send them away before perching your eyes upon this horror.

What is that?? A floor length duster coat, with what appears to be the remnants of a very fluffy dog attached to the top and bottom. Sure, it's Givenchy, but is is an absolute horror to feast your eyes upon.

So, what do you think of the current coat offerings? Would you like Vogue to release some more tailored, designer coat options? I'd love to hear from you!


  1. Let's just say that the only modern outerwear pattern I have purchased was a cape. Not a coat.....because there are no good ones.

    I ADORE the coat patterns (and all patterns) from the 60s. I especially love the matching coat/dress patterns. Here's one of my favorites:

  2. I actually like most of the coats that Vogue has in print right now, but then again I feel certain we represent completely different demographics. The patterns you have here are lovely, but I prefer my coats to be less fitted. I think it's an age thing. 8-)

  3. Right now I find the Big4 coat patterns to be abysmal. There are a *few* that are cute, but not really the selection I think they should have. When I first started sewing there were a lot of coat patterns I liked (but was too intimidated to buy). Now they are all OOP, and the newer patterns hold no interest for me. If it isn't fitted I know it won't look good and I pretty much won't buy it. I think coat patterns are the main reason I became addicted to Burda (coats patterns and costume patterns are the only ones I will "collect" because I love them so much). The Burda patterns gave way to other pattern magazines (especially Patrones coats *sigh*) and now I hardly consider the Big4 when looking for coats because I stockpiled a lot of magazine patterns that I love. I still really wish the Big4 would do some vintage reprint coats though as I think they could be quite popular (especially from the early 70s!).

  4. hmm methinks you may need to pick up a couple of Knipmode/ Patrones/ Burda/ La Mia Boutique magazines of ebay. They tend to do coats in every issue and specific coat issues during winter. And their fit is wonderfully consistent compared to the big 4. XD