Thursday, January 24, 2013

Shoes from the 1942 Sears Catalog

Hello lovely readers! Today I thought I'd share some images of shoes from the 1942 Spring and Summer Sears catalog.

Also, I do have some finished objects to show you all. Hopefully I can get some pics up by the weekend.

I love the brown shoes in the middle of the bottom row! Is is just me, or are the shoes on the left of the bottom row super strappy for the 1940's?

I'll take a pair in every color please! Actually, had I lived in the 1940's I most likely would have been relegated to the men's shoe department. Most of these shoes only went up to a size 8, sometimes 9, meaning my size 10 hooves wouldn't fit.

The shoes in the top left hand corner are amazing! I also love the pair in the middle of the bottom row.

All of these shoes are so amazing I could just cry. I wish there was a company that remade all these shoes in an affordable ( $50-$75 price range).

 Yes, the pages are out of order. Oops!

I love the ones in the bottom left.

All of these are so bright, colorful, and fun. The white pair with the rainbow colored heels are divine!

I love the subtle peep toes. I am convinced shoe manufacturers today do not understand what a peep toe is. If 4 of my toes come sliding through the "peep" after a few hours, the opening is too big!

Stay tuned for more Sears Catalog images in the near future. I have lots of fabulous clothes to show you!


  1. Thank you for posting these. Lots of shoes to love there.

  2. I so love the look of the oxfords with heels - I will own a pair one day :)

  3. Those are so awesome! I wish you could get heels like that now, with a reasonable height that you could wear all day and not die! Such cute styles...

  4. Aren't they just so lovely?! You can really see how the dresses would have suited these perfectly!