Thursday, June 16, 2011

More Pattern Acquisitions and What I Have(n't) Been Doing

Hello dear readers! I thought that I'd write another post showing the other pattern goodies that leaped into my car last weekend. I have plans to arise at the crack of dawn in the morning and drive out even farther into the boonies to go to another sale that lists sewing items. ( According to most people's standards, I already live in the boonies.) Anyways, yesterday I needed to go to Joann's for thread so I stopped by a few thrift stores while I was out. Well, I ended up coming home with three pieces of fabric, two Fire King custard cups that match some I already own, and a purple belt. All of the fabrics were pretty thick so I assumed they were some sort of poly blend suiting..until I put them in the wash. After a couple minutes in the wash the laundry room started smelling with wet dog, er sheep, and moth balls, which leads me to believe I actually chucked a piece of wool suiting into the washer. So, I did what any reasonable person would do and subjected every other member of my family to the gag worthy smell until the wash was over. Luckily, I didn't throw the fabric into the dryer, though I was this close, instead I chose to hang it outside to air dry. Tomorrow, I think I'll give my first burn test a go to see if I really did score some wool suiting for less than two bucks, or if someone just stored their cheap polyester in a dumpster of moth balls.

Now, for what I haven't been doing:sewing. I haven't put a stitch into anything since my last Lisette dress. I have been giving my Gingher's quite the workout though. I decided that I needed to cut out some summer dresses and went at it with a vengeance. I've sliced and diced out three summer dresses, one is in the wearable muslin category, and one skirt so far and I plan on cutting out at least two more fun summer dresses and one dressier dress. ( The dressy dress will be made from my "sunshine dress" pattern that didn't work so well the first time.) I love the look of a huge stack of patterns and fabric and the feeling of knowing that all I have to do is walk over to the pile, make my pick, and I am ready to start stitching.  Hopefully I will be able to actually sew some over the weekend and have a finished dress to show the blogging world soon.

Now, my other pattern goodies.

I love both of these patterns.

The one of the left is a duplicate.

I love the simple sheath on the right.

The pattern on the right is sized for double knit only, itchy, scratchy double knit.

I have never seen a Kandel Pattern before. Can anyone tell me about them?
Well, there you have it, the rest of my pattern haul. As I said I think I'm going to go to the boonies to go to another sale tomorrow, and hopefully go father's day shopping after that. If you don't see any finished objects fro me soon, I grant you all permission to pester me until some appears.
Happy Sewing!

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  1. What a haul! Those dress patterns are amazing! I especially like 4566. Good luck:)