Tuesday, June 14, 2011

My Recent Pattern Acquisitions

As you may have read in this post I acquired some new to me sewing stuff over this past weekend. It seems that along with the fabric and notions that followed me home, about 60 more sewing patterns leaped into my car as well. The majority of the patterns are mail order patterns and many still had their original envelopes. It seems a bit odd to have so many mail order patterns, a few of which were duplicates in the same size. Anyway, the whole lot only cost ten bucks so I'm satisfied.

I really love the dress on the right.

The pattern on the right looks like a jail suit to me.

I don't know if I'll be making any mumus anytime soon.

I think I have two or three of the one on the left.

These might be up for my next giveaway. They both have over 40" busts.

This is about half of the patterns, so I'll be writing another post showing the rest of my lovelies.

Happy Sewing!

P.S. Don't forget to put your name in my pattern giveaway!


  1. Did you happen to get a video of those patterns leaping into your car? That must have been quite a sight! LOL

  2. Rebecca, I understand about sewing things leaping into shopping carts, arms, and cars. Fabric jumps into my cart all the time, and cries "Take me home!" more pitifully than even cute stray kittens and puppies. While I may not have video evidence of this for gloria .. I have seen it happen many times!

  3. Wow, you have some great patterns. Fun!

  4. I totally buy the "leaped into my car" comment - happens all the time.

    The really odd thing, though, is how objects manage to leap into boxes which end up on your doorstop....I'm really not entirely sure how that happens.....

  5. These are the objects which get car sick, so they go in boxes.

    After I make a few dents in my various stashes, I'm going to see is anything follows me home from the fabric store.

  6. Sewing stuff does all seem to possess magical leaping/flying/following abilities! :]

  7. Hi there, I came over form Patternreview and have had a nice time reading over here. Great find with these patterns. I'd love to see a few of these made up!

  8. Yarndive- Thanks for stopping by! :]

  9. Don't you get put off by the absolutely tiny waists the old patterns show? I'm worried that if I enlarge it to what I actually am, it will distort the pattern so much it won't be worth making.

    (I'd enter the pattern contest but I'm overseas) www.livinglifenz.blogspot.com Just have to figure out how to get time to take and download photos of my sewing

  10. Gillia D- Most of the patterns form the 60's have waist measurements that are only a few inches smaller than today's standard, especially things like sheath dresses. It seems to be the patterns from the 50's that have the incomprehensibly small waists. :]