Thursday, June 23, 2011

A Really Brief Update

I just thought that I would let all of my lovely readers know that I am having trouble with my internet and my power supply cord for my laptop, so I will be away from my blog for a little while. ( I live in the middle of nowhere where the only available internet comes through a 3G modem thing from a cell phone tower. There is no DSL, no cable internet, no satellite internet, and because of our phone lines, not even any dial up.)  Lately, the company has been imposing restrictions on how much internet can be used for the month and needless to say it has been causing mucho problems. I have online classes starting in the fall, and I forsee the problem getting even worse. Oh, and to top it all off, my power supply cord has decided that it wil not work.

Lovely readers, who live in civilization where internet is adundant, may I come live with you? I promise I won't be a bother, and I'll even cook dinner every night! Seriously, while I am on my soapbox, let me say that the United States needs to get serious about making internet access available to all, and keep up with other countries a bit better. No wonder the US falls behind in test scores, some kids are still at home using an 1974 edition encylopedia to type a research paper,on a typewriter, because the internet is something that only could be imagined in something like Back to the Future.  Hmm, since the wonderful season of campaigining has just begun, whoever brings me internet, gets my vote! As soon as I am finished with college, I will be moving closer to civilization, and far far away from a place that still has laws about dancing on Sundays.

I hope to see you guys soon, with lots of finished objects to show off!
Happy Sewing and enjoy your lovely internet access!


  1. oh no! Sorry to hear you are having problems with le internet and the power cord! If it makes you feel better, there are loads of rural and remote communities in Scotland that have these same issues...and mobile phone coverage...don't even get me started :)

  2. Yuck! Although I don't know that the rural internet situation here in Canada is any better. Cell coverage is definitely still patchy, although a lot better than it was a few years ago.

    The no-dancing-on-Sunday thing, though, that is crazy-pants.