Friday, June 17, 2011

Once Upon A Time I Said I Would Never Have A Stash

Once upon a time, I said that I would never ever have a fabric stash. Seriously, who was I kidding? We all know that I am a hoarder at heart anyways. Yesterday, I told you all that I had plans to go to another estate sale this morning. Well, I guess I should have used the term morning a bit more loosely, as I didn't arrive until two. My tardiness didn't keep me from exercising my compulsive tendencies though, as I came home with quite the haul. There was a sign in the closet that contained the fabric that said " Cloth- $2 each". Each piece in the closet cost two bucks, regardless of fiber content or length. There was quite a bit of 70's polyester as well as some very small quilting cotton remnants that I passed up. My greatest find of the day though is three lengths of wool, yes real wool, for two bucks a pop. Don't worry, I will not be tossing this absentmindedly into the wash.

Fabric is not all that came home with me though. I also happily surrendered my six dollars to procure an entire shoe box full of self fabric belt buckles and an assortment of "slide" belt buckles. I think I do deserve a round of applause for leaving behind an entire box of zippers. Perhaps I bought so much fabric because I used up all of my will power when I left the zippers behind?

These were both picked up from the thrift store a few days ago. I think the light blue is wool.

I have about 4 yards of this, also from the thrift store.

Both are wool, from the estate sale.

My favorite estate sale fabric, which is also wool. I am thinking it wants to be a jacket.

I think the left fabric is a linen look.

I have about 3 yards of this. I think it may be vintage.

This is definitely going to be an apron.

So cute! I think a vintage blouse is in order.

Maybe I need two vintage blouses?

The dots are smaller than they appear in this pic.

I think I have enough of this to make a jacket and a skirt.

I have about three yards each of these.

How could I have said I didn't want a stash? It's so beautiful I could cry.

Self fabric belt buckles. I think I have about ten or so of these.

"Slide" Buckles

I believe some of these are mother of pearl. They're quite heavy for their size and have natural irregularities.

Lots of belt backing!

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Happy Sewing!


  1. Stashes are a good thing! I planned and plotted a dress for months and it flopped when I finally made it. So I frantically rummaged through my pattern and fabric stash from which I made my most favoritest dress I have ever owned (which I finally get to wear tomorrow!). I also once made a skating costume entirely out of remnants and leftovers from previous skating costumes (fabric, rhinestones, and all) and I really loved that dress too. Embrace the stash. You will be happy you have one.

    BTW, I am so jealous of your wool! Amazing find!

  2. Love the belt-buckle stash - what treasure! And your fabric stash's just amazing!

  3. I can see a jacket with lots of belts happening (maybe decorative as you might get grumpy if you have to do all of them up each time)!

  4. WOWZA! What amazing finds!!! I looooooooovvvveeee wool. And I really love it when I find it in charity shops...but it's so dreamy to sew with!

  5. I totally have fabric envy. Those prints for the vintage blouses? Yes please! Can't wait to see what you come up with!

  6. Cute, cute, cute. Really love both yellow fabrics! What a lucky shopping day!

  7. Thank you for all of the sweet comments! :]

  8. Such great finds! And who are you kidding about not having a fabric stash? :) I think it's impossible not to when you sew. My stash secretly makes me really happy.

  9. These are completely fabulous finds! It's not such a bad thing to have a fabric stash, or at least that's what I tell myself. I'd rather buy fabulous fabric at a discount and hold onto it than pay outrageous prices for something not so fantastic or original at a huge fabric store. You did very well, and I cannot wait to see all of your vintage blouses!