Wednesday, February 16, 2011

I've Got Fabric, Yes I Do! I've Got Fabric, How 'Bout You?

Okay, so I haven't actually stood on the sidelines and screamed a cheer at the top of my lungs since elementary school, but I can still get just as excited. Now, however, my excitement comes from fabric. About two weeks ago I received the fabric that I had ordered from, during their inventory reduction sale. I had ordered a piece of navy fabric to make a dress inspired by the dress I saw on Modcloth. Sadly, my navy fabric arrived to me with a large stain on it that looked to be grease of some sort. Finally, after a few emails refunded my money for the stained fabric and told me to keep it. I did throw it in the wash to see if it would come out, but no such luck. Now, I have no fabric for my dress, sad.

On a much happier note though, the other fabrics in my order were fine and lovely. I intended to write a post showing my lovely goodies when they arrived but I just hadn't sat down and done it. Now, all my fabric has been washed, dried, and is ready for action. It may be ready for action, but I still have a stack of things to sew before I even dream of putting the scissors to my new goodies. As I told ya'll in another post, I don't like buying fabric without having a specific purpose in mind for it. So, I have a rule that I must have a pattern in mind before I buy any fabric, but I do have one exception to that rule. The exception is I can buy fabric (or vintage sheets) from thrift stores without a specific purpose in mind. I desperately do not want to become a fabric hoarder  stasher. Believe me, I have enough vintage Tupperware to satisfy all of my hoarding tendencies. Whenever I get a new piece of fabric in my hands I want it to be a wearable garment now now now, not in a few months, or years, or decades.

Let's get to the exciting stuff now, pictures of the fabric! By the way, I love seeing the fabric acquisitions of others on their blogs.Let's start with the fabric that I ordered from, then I'll show ya'll the few pieces that I picked up at the Goodwill. I will also share all the patterns that I intend on using with this fabric in a post soon. I don't want to dig through the closet tonight to pull out my plastic pattern tubs. Hmm, maybe some of my hoarding tendencies show up with patterns too.

From left to right, I bought 2 yards of this wonderful navy and white stripe fabric, in the middle is 3 yards of blue, pink, and mauve plaid, and on the right is 3.5 yards of a navy and white gingham. It seems that I have been on a bit of a navy kick lately after discovering that I don't really have much navy in my wardrobe. The stripe fabric was a bit thinner than I had anticipated so I might have to deviate from my original plan of making a skirt with it. It was just $1.99 a yard though so I wasn't expecting the best stuff in the world to show up at my door.

The first piece on the left  is just a yard of plain while cotton that I was/am going to use for the contrast of my Modcloth inspired dress. Next, is 2 yards of , yet again, navy and white pin dot fabric. Third from the left is 1 yard of a darker blue cotton sateen and on the right is 1.5 yards of an aqua/turquoise cotton sateen. It seems that I was on quite the blue kick when I ordered fabric. All of these fabrics also came from I'm sure that most of you already know, but just in case you don't, if you buy anything from always google for a coupon code first as there is almost always one available for 15% off.

Now, for the three fabrics that I brought home from the thrift store. These pieces were under $2 each. I haven't measured them yet, but I think there is at least 2 yards each of the blue and the black and at least 1.5 yards of the floral print. On the left is a blue and white stripe which I am pretty sure is some sort of poly/cotton seersucker. In the middle is a black and white fabric that I haven't the slightest clue as to what the fiber content is, and on the right is a pretty pink floral that is semi-heavy, which makes me think it is actually some sort of home dec fabric. I am not opposed to using home dec for apparel but I already have a cute retro 50's apron pattern in mind for the floral fabric, even though it may be a bit of a squeeze to fit the pieces on there.

In other thrift store shopping news, I found a few vintage patterns at the Goodwill for just 25 cent each. Four of them happen to be kids clothes and I happen to lack any children to put into the clothes. Anyone have kids I can borrow? Actually, I don't want to have to babysit said kids, I just want to sew them cute retro clothes and leave the babysitting up to someone else. So, why buy the patterns? Well, I may have kids in the future and still have the desire to dress them in the style of decades gone by. Secondly, I just think the patterns are cute and they were less than the price of a bottle of soda. I don't really have to talk myself into spending a quarter, even if I am really cheap.

On one last note, I did find a few cute pieces of clothing at the thrift store which I intend on writing a separate blog post about. I know that this is supposed to be a sewing blog, but I also enjoy reading about others thrift store finds so I though I'd share mine as well.. I am way faster at finding clothes at a thrift store, which is where I buy the majority of my clothes, than I am at sewing clothes. Well, it is already Wednesday and I have yet to sew a stitch this week, so hopefully I can change that tomorrow night. Though Jersey Shore does come on at 10 and I love me some tasteless reality television and that will cut into sewing time. Have fun sewing everyone!

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