Friday, February 25, 2011

Simplicity 2626

Sewing has been slow nonexistent at my house lately. I haven't sewn a single stitch all week long, but hopefully that is going to change this weekend. My goal is to finish the vintage vogue reprint apron and to finish the Butterick skirt I had started that was a bit too big.  Since I don't have anything new to show ya'll I thought I'd show a few aprons that I made before I ever started this blog. I think I should let it be known that aprons are my first love in sewing and nothing, not even adorable retro dresses, can steal the spotlight away from them.

This pattern, Simplicity 2626, has three variations, which all look very similar, and includes misses' and child's sizes.  Since I have no children I obviously only made the misses versions.  The great thing about the ones that I made is that they only take one yard of fabric each. The only downside is that quite a few yards of bias tape are required.  Personally, I don't really mind applying bias tape but I understand that bias tape is the archenemy of many.  The pattern instructs you to use 1/4" bias tape, but on the white and black apron I used 1/2" bias tape instead. Come on, we all know that notions requirements and directions are only suggestions right?  I did as I was told for the green one and used 1/4" bias tape but it just doesn't show up as well. 

By the way, both of these fabrics were purchased from Etsy.

Apron number one which was made with the 1/2" bias tape. Here is a closeup of the fabric, which has awesome vintage car advertisements on it.

And here is the second apron, which was made using a Michael Miller quilting cotton.

Hopefully I will have some new things to show you all after the weekend. Good luck to everyone with their weekend sewing plans!

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  1. I love this style of apron, I find them and collect them at flea markets. Dig the 70's car fabric with the red trim too.