Monday, February 28, 2011

Spring and Summer Clothes

Well, I still have not been doing much sewing lately. I did manage to sew a strip of fabric and a bow onto a dish towel to "dress it up a bit".  I also read over the directions for my Vogue apron, as they had been confusing me just a bit.  Hopefully this will be a more productive week than the last few, but only time will tell.

I know that a few posts ago I promised to show the goodies that I had found at the thrift store. I still plan on doing this once I get some good pictures in some halfway decent light. I also can't show you the lovely clothes until I fix my boo boo that I did to one of them.  You see, I found a lovely fitting sleeveless dress from The Limited complete with it's tags still on it for the wonderful price of $4.  Being the cheap person that I am I decided that I wasn't going to spend $6 at the dry cleaner to clean my $4 dress. So, I threw the dress in the washing machine, all while laughing in the face of the dry clean ONLY tag.  Well, the dress got the last laugh when I pull it out of the machine to find that the lining had torn in not one but two places, both of which I am sure was fine before tossing it in the machine. So, I suppose the moral of the story is that I should just spend the $6 to have the dress cleaned and professionally pressed. Instead, I will have a dress with some mutant looking stitches holding the lining together and a sub par pressing because my ironing skills are up to par with those of an orangutan.

So, let's get on to some fun stuff. I have been thinking a lot about spring and summer clothes and looking for some inspiration for some things I could possibly sew.

1. This lovely little dress from ModCloth.  I love all the mixed patterns in different hues of blue.$78

2. A wonderful little springy number from Anthropologie. I love the white and color colors and the fun ruffles on the bodice.  $148

3. Another cute dress from Anthropologie. I must be loving yellow as this dress also includes the color. $138

4. I love anything nautical, so it's no surprise that I love this dress. The fabric that this dress is made from is so thin though that you can see through it in their photo. $60

5. This is also another cute little spring number from Anthro. I love the combination of colors as they are something I would never put together myself. $158

6. These shorts are also adorable, though I think I could do without the cuffs. I have chunky legs and a cuff isn't the most flattering. $73

7. I also love this cute little top. It looks as if it wouldn't be too hard to recreate. It could also be made for a much cheaper price as the fabric is polyester. $68

8. There is also this whimsical dress from Kate Spade. It could be recreated in theory, though similar fabric might be tough to track down.$395

9. I love this! The fabric is cute and I love the peplum. $88

10. Last, but certainly not least, is this cute top from Kate Spade. I don't think it would be an extremely difficult task to track down some striped fabric. I think this top would pair very nicely with the retro inspired ModCloth shorts that I posted about a few days ago. $125

I'd love to hear about others spring and summer sewing plans. Have you already started sewing? Or just daydreaming like I am?

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