Wednesday, February 23, 2011

My Pattern Picks

It seems that there are some new McCalls patterns up on their website. These may have been up for a while now,but I am not sure as I don't check their website frequently. Nonetheless, I thought that I'd share my pattern picks. Hopefully, I can pick up a few of these when there is a 99 cent sale. I'd love to hear what patterns everyone else plans on picking up!

First up is 6330 which may be a bit out of my sewing skill range, but that hasn't stopped me in the past from attempting to make something. If I did make this dress I am not sure where I would wear something like this, but perhaps I could make it in a bit more casual fabric and pair it with some flip flops. This dress most certainly has an 80s vibe to it, which normally wouldn't be my style decade of choice.

Second is 6318. I like the version that is illustrated in the yellow and black fabric. It seems that it has some interesting seaming so I think I would opt for a solid fabric so that the details would come through a bit better. This dress is lined, as is the first, so I would be learning a new skill if I decide to tackle them. My goal is to master all the basics and I would certainly count lining something as a basic sewing skill, so I might as well just do it.

Next is 6322, which is admittedly hideous in the fabrics that McCalls chose to make it up in. Sometimes, I truly wonder who is making design decisions when it comes to choosing fabric for pattern envelopes? A band of monkeys? Preschoolers who still think that a ballerina tutu and cowboy books is a stylin' combo? I am not claiming to be stylish by any means, but I could do better than this. ( To prove my lack of style, I have to routinely stop myself from bringing home elastic waist wool skirts and perma-pleated polyester pants from the thrift store.) So, after all my complaining let me redeem myself by saying that the line drawings of the dresses are really cute and some fun summer sundresses could definitely be whipped up from this pattern. Also, as a bonus these dresses don't require enough fabric that you could wrap a mummy in it as some fuller skirted patterns do.

I also like 6338 which is an adorable set that includes patterns for a casserole carrier, a hot pad, a picnic carrier, some sort of bottle insulator, and a smaller carrier which I assume is a lunch box. The hot pad has an interesting design and seems like it would be a good way to use up those too big to throw out scraps. I would be tempted to make the casserole carrier though I rarely have the opportunity to bring a casserole anywhere. On a complete tangent, I would love the opportunity to drag a casserole or baked good everywhere I went and wish that my generation/age group would embrace the pot luck and/or dinner party a bit more. While I can imagine that beer pong is quite entertaining, I would much rather get to wear a cocktail dress and make casual small talk about current events while eating something other than soggy greasy pizza. Now that I am off my soapbox let's discuss the pattern a bit more. The main reason I would buy this pattern is for the picnic carrier, which I am already envisioning in black, white, and hot pink fabric.

As a whole the patterns seemed to be geared towards the younger seamstress. For this reason I don't foresee some of these styles to be popping up often in the review gallery at Pattern Review. (Unless, of course, there is a huge number of people who like to sew for younger family members and friends.) Don't get me wrong, I love Pattern Review and spend far too much time there, but I don't seem to be part of the predominant age group. Those in my age group seem to post more on BurdaStyle, but I have not grown to love that website. I also think that since most seamstresses on Pattern Review seem to be a bit older than I am there is more opportunity to learn from them and their years of sewing experience, therefore I am counting it as a good thing.

Well, that is all for the night. I would love to hear ya'll's pattern picks and your thoughts on Pattern Review and BurdaStyle. Also, toss your comments about potlucks and cocktail parties into the mix. Have a great night!

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  1. This release is definitely geared towards the under 30 sewists ... although me being me, I will buy 6325 to compare to KS 3850 ... I just wear a top under them!