Monday, April 11, 2011

Exposed Zipper on a Shirt? Thumbs up or Thumbs Down?

Today, readers, I come to you all with a question. Do you like the trend of exposed zippers in clothing? What if that exposed zipper is in a shirt? How about if the exposed zipper runs down the front of a shirt? Before your mind wanders off on a hot pursuit to find the answers to those questions allow me to give you a little background to why I am asking such questions.

A few days ago I decided to sit down in the floor and proceed to dump out two giant containers of vintage patterns into my lap. With a smile on my face and joy in my heart I cheerfully dug through all my vintage goodies with no particular goal in mind. After a few minutes I happened upon a little gem from the 70s, 1975 to be exact.. The pattern includes a long sleeved dress, a short fluttery sleeve top, and bell bottom elastic waist pants. Before you fall off your computer chair in horror, allow me to comfort you by saying that I do not intend to make those pants..ever. The top, which includes a zipper down the center front, is the garment that caught my eye. As soon as I realized it had a zipper I started thinking of a modern trend : exposed zippers.

Would this pattern be a perfect way to marry a retro pattern and a modern trend or are these two entities best left to their own little corners of the world? There seems to be lots of pictures out there of dresses with exposed zippers running down the front, but I am coming up nearly empty on shirts containing the design feature.

This little number by Guess has an exposed zipper down the front, though this dress is not something I would wear.

Here is my lovely little retro gem.
I tried to get a better, closer up picture of the shirt, though it it a bit on the blurry side.  Try to picture this without the too tight scarf and gold belt as I would most certainly not be recreating those elements in my own top. I was thinking I could make it in crepe backed satin for the fabric and perhaps a vintage zipper with silver metal teeth. Thumbs up or thumbs down to that idea?

 Do you like the trend of exposed zippers? What do you think of my crazy little plot to make that shirt with an exposed zipper?  I'd love to hear your opinions so speak up!

Happy Sewing!!


  1. Normally I'd say no way to exposed zippers for me. I guess b/c typically they're on clothing like the dress you featured from Guess...which is just not my style. But Oonaballoona just made a dress that has me reconsidering my opinion. I love how unexpected the zipper is on this outfit! I stand corrected. :) Can't wait to see yours!

  2. Ashley- I will definitely have to check out her blog. Thanks!

  3. I think it depends on the fabric you choose. If it is a more modern or current looking fabric, then I bet the zipper would look great. It's worth a shot!

  4. Molly- I was thinking a crepe back satin so hopefully that will be modern enough. Thanks! :]

  5. Personally I love the way exposed zippers look!! I've been wanting to sew something for the summer with an exposed zipper in the back, but still haven't had time with the end of my semester coming up and final exams. My husband says they're tacky, but I don't care. :)