Thursday, April 28, 2011

Wanted: More Sewing Time

There seems to come a time in every seamstresses life when you find yourself in a bit of predicament. You see, my head is brimming with ideas much like that of an overstuffed shopping cart on one of those 90's grocery games. The ideas are spewing out of my brain, falling to the floor, and grabbing on to my ankles for dear life, begging to not be forgotten. The problem, you see, is that I am closing in on the end of another semester, and it is proving to be quite busy, snatching my sewing time away like a thief in the night.

I have quite the beast of an accounting project due, followed by my final book report for financial planning. The icing on the cake is my behemoth sized estate plan that I must write for my fictitious clients, who undoubtedly have the most dysfunctional fictitious family ever. You could throw Charlie Sheen into my "clients" family and he would blend right in.  Fear not, however, as I am going to come in and save the day for my "clients" by telling them exactly how to dole out their estate when one of them kicks the bucket. With my guidance they can set up a CRUT or a CRAT, or a CLT, together we'll avoid gift tax, and do out best to minimize GSTT. Forget it, I would much rather be drowning myself in the world of sewing jargon, but I also have a desire to support my fabric habit with a decent paying job, so estate planning it is.

Lovely readers, I have to take a break from sewing until I get all my end of semester projects wrapped up, signed, sealed, and delivered. In the meantime I promise that there will be lots of day dreaming about sewing. frequent trips to visit my sewing machine (who still is without a name by the way), and maybe some general whining about my lack of sewing time to any I can force to listen. I might even sneak in a trip to Joanns on Saturday when the patterns are on sale. You know I can't resist a pattern sale.

So, wonderful, fabulous readers, will you wait for me? I promise that when I return to the blog world there will be wonderful posts. I will finish up the posts of my 50s catalog, and hopefully I will be able to get some shorts patterns Saturday and start working on those before the weather gets any warmer. So, I ask you in my sappiest voice, "Will you wait on me?"

Happy Sewing!


  1. I've had to put aside my sewing stuff too to deal with some thesis deadlines (defense in June omg!). And by 'put aside', I mean 'moved a province away from my sewing machine'. So I, personally, totally understand. Keep posting, if you have the time, even if it's daydreaming about future projects and new pattern finds. :)

  2. I think there are plenty of people in similar predicaments at the moment (including me). Too many ideas, not enough time. On the bright side I suppose that's better than too much time, not enough ideas, right? ;)

    I agree with Heather, posting your ideas is a great way to stay motivated and and figure out what you want to challenge yourself with once you have more time. There's absolutely nothing wrong with blogging just for yourself. :)

    In any case, good luck with everything!

  3. Do your thing, girlfriend! We'll be here when you get back :)

  4. Good luck on your projects, Rebecca! The end of a semester is rough time to do anything not school-related, I know. There's a Macaron cut out on my table that I'm dying to sew up, but it's just too hectic in academic life right now. It's admirable to focus on the important things!

    Plus, we're addicted to your blog. Of course, we'll be waiting. ;)