Monday, April 4, 2011

Yipee! An award!

I won! I won! I won! Well, sort of anyways. The lovely Mary, who blogs at Idle Fancy, was so kind to pass on the stylish blogger award to me. If you haven't seen her blog I suggest you check it out, it's wonderful. Not one to disappoint, I decided to answer the questions and pass it on to others who write inspirational and informative blogs.

1. I am an accounting major, but my dream job is to be an event and party planner. Right now I am on track to become either a certified public accountant or a certified financial planner, neither of which conjures up images of glamor and fun. I do enjoy the numbers and formulas that come with those professions, but what I really dream of is fabulous parties and events that I made happen. Not many people know this what I really want to do, ya'll can keep a secret right?

2. I love Tupperware!  I have mentioned this love in a few posts before but I have never publicly declared my love for the brightly colored plastic. I do enjoy the modern stuff, but the vintage stuff really makes my heart squeal with glee. Servalier bowls in shades of avocado, burnt orange, and harvest gold make me heart smile.  I have Cake takers, pie takers, cupcake carriers, Pick-a-delis, cereal blows, mustard and ketchup bottles, and much much more.

3. I HATE onions! Seriously, I loath the things. There is not a more vile, smelly, horrid tasting food on the planet.  The stench of onions is enough to send me running for cover. If I accidentally get one of those hell spawn in my mouth I will pitch a fit that could rival that of any child going through the terrible twos.  Keep the onions away and I promise to stay calm.

4. I love cheesy and/or tasteless TV shows. The worse the show is, the more I seem to like it. Is a Jersey Shore marathon on? Sign me up! I can't get enough of shows like Cops, World's Wildest Police Videos, and dumb criminal shows. Extra points will be awarded if B list celebrities are hired to add their commentary to the show. I'll take Dog the Bounty Hunter, Real Housewives, or Rock of Love over any critically acclaimed drama. Well, with the exception of Mad Men, which might be the only show I watch that I should even admit to.

5. I love the oldies when it comes to music. Though I am in my 20's I don't own an Ipod, instead I have a good old fashioned record player. There happens to still be a record store where I live, even though it is at a flea market. The downside however, is that is is in a rather sleazy part of town, so I never venture there without at least one other person and my trusty pepper spray stashed in my pocket. I prefer the 80's when it comes to music, especially 80's "hair bands", though I do like some 70's music, including, gasp, some disco. My favorite band happens to be The Eagles, and I am happy to report that I own every single record they have released.

6. I have to actively stop myself from dressing like Joan Rivers.  My motto was is the more sparkle the better! I have never seen a garment that was sequined, sparkled, was glittery, or bedazzled that I didn't love at first sight. I once proudly brought home from the thrift store a black crew neck sweater that had multi-colored sequined bows on it, and proceeded to wear it to both a college class and Christmas Eve dinner. In hindsight, I probably looked like a fool, but I suppose it made me happy for the time being. Nowdays, I must ask myself, would Joan Rivers wear this? If the answer is yes, I must place it back on the thrift store rack and step away slowly.

7. I love estate sales, yard sales, and thrift stores. While this may not be so unexpected it is certainly true. I am not a morning person, but estate sales and yard sales are something that I will drag myself out of bed for. If you are patient and persistent there are some great deals and amazing retro goodies to be had. At one goldmine of a sale, I bought 12, yes 12, articles of vintage clothing from the 60's for only $3 a piece. I got 10 dresses, a vintage playsuit, and a lovely vintage jacket, which all happened to be in my size! To say it was the deal of the century would be a gross understatement.

Thanks again to Mary for passing the award on to me. Now it's my turn to pass the award on to seven lovely bloggers. If posting this sort of thing isn't really your cup of tea don't worry I won't be upset in the slightest if you don't fill it out.  It's all for fun anyways.

I nominate the following lovely blogs, in no particular order. ( I am not sure I know everyone's name so forgive me if I don't get your actual name exactly right.)
1. Allie from Ice Pink Stars
2. JillyBe from JillyBeJoyful
3. Meg from Meg the Grand
4. Justine from Sew Country Chick
5. Dfr from Sewing Miss Adventure
6. Heather from Sewing on Pins
7. Ashley from Refurl Sewing

In other sewing related news, I should have another apron to show the blogging world tomorrow. I would have had it done tonight had I not had to spend so much quality time with my seam ripper today.

Happy Sewing!


  1. *thud*

    I'm sitting here happily reading away & smiling at your award, & then discover that you've nominated my blog??!! I'm delighted! Once I've let it sink in, I'll continue sharing the joy....

    and Thank You!!!!!

  2. Congrats and ... err ... thanks (?) Now I need to wrack my brain trying to think of seven things!

  3. Thanks Rebecca! We have a lot in common , I love cheesy TV shows and gaudy stuff from the thrift shop! . I actually used to hang out at 80's hair gigs in Hollywood as a teenager! Ratt or Motley Crue at the Troubador anyone?

  4. Thank you so much for the nomination Rebecca, what a nice surprise!

    Oh, I would also love to be an event and party planner! You'd basically be spending someone else's money to create your vision. What could be better than that? ;)