Saturday, April 23, 2011

Finished: Kate Spade Inspired Skirt

If you have been reading this blog for any amount of time you know that I love to post photos of clothes that inspire me. I am sure that some of you have wondered if I was ever going to actually make something inspired by one of those pieces. Fear not, because the Kate Spade inspired skirt is now making it's debut!

I chose Burda 8155 as the pattern to recreate the lovely little Kate Spade number. Here is my inspiration. It doesn't seem to be available for sale anymore, but you can see the Polyvore link here.

Kate Spade original: $123
My version: Around $10
Being able to recreate designer clothing: Priceless

Now, behold my version!

Here is a snapshot of what I did, what I shouldn't have done, and what I am going to do differently next time.
  • I cut a 42 (16), which turned out to be quite snug. I let the side seams out to 1/4" which fixed the problem somewhat. When I make this again, I will cut all the pieces a little bit larger.
  • I used sew in interfacing instead of the suggested fusible. Fusible interfacing is yucky and smells terrible.
  • I hand basted the zipper in and then sewed.I will be doing this from now on as it went in perfectly the first time with no wonkiness whatsoever.
  • I used hook and eyes as a waistband closure instead of the suggest button and buttonhole combo. This was out of necessity though. When I let out the side seams my waistband was no longer large enough to create enough "overhang" to be able to put the button, though I intend on using that closure method in the future.
  • My fabric was a stretch woven from I didn't think about the direction of my stretch when I was cutting out my pieces so the stretch runs vertically in my skirt. In the future I will be more mindful when cutting out my pieces
Overall, I am really happy with this skirt! This is probably the most well constructed garment that I have made so far. It is so much fun to yourself progress from the time you started sewing!

Happy Sewing!!


    1. Very nice! Looks very similar to the original. I love the colour, and also the picture of you jumping! :D

    2. Rebecca, this is so, so cute! Even more - it looks EXACTLY like the original. You must be so proud!

      Side note, the picture of you jumping is adorable. It actually looks a bit like Kate Spade's own outfit promo pictures. I love it!

    3. Your skirt looks great! I'm glad you decided against the knee socks (tee-hee)

    4. Love your skirt! The pictures were priceless!!! Here is something someone told me when cutting out waistbands: cut them longer than you need to. If you make adjustments to your side seams, there is enough waistband to accommodate alterations.

    5. This skirt is beautiful! I'd be so proud-very classy, very fun. It's always nice when things work out (in spite of mistakes--I'm talking about the stretch. One year I cut out all my kid's pajamas the wrong way) Can't wait to see what else you make!

    6. love it! It matches the Kate Spade one so perfectly!!! Love the jumping photo too!

    7. Thank you all for the sweet comments! :]

    8. Love the bright blue color you chose for this skirt! You've got a great knock off here!

    9. This is so cute, love the fit and the color!

    10. Fantastic skirt!!!!! The fit is perfection!