Monday, July 11, 2011

New Vogues!

Hello wonderful readers! I trust that you all had fabulous, and hopefully sewing filled, weekends. My weekend didn't include too much sewing, sadly. I am however, plugging away at at my Modcloth inspired dress. The envelope boasted that the pattern was easy in bright bold letters across the front of the envelope. However, upon opening the directions and reading over it, I realized that there were actually a ton of steps, and a lot of seams to finish. So, in an effort to not become overwhelmed, I am taking it step by step and trying to be neat in my work. So, it may be late next week before I have a finished object to show you all.

So, for now, I thought that I'd show my picks from the new Vogue patterns. As usual, there are some winners and some losers, There seems to be a lot of drapey and ruched offerings, which are generally not my taste, but I might give them a shot.

First up is Vogue 1257, a very classic looking long sleeved dress from DKNY. The model dress is brown, but I'd probably opt to make this up in a really bright, but solid, shade.
Next in the lineup is Vogue 1254, which is so classic and chic. The pattern is rated average, but perhaps if I took is slow and steady I might be able to handle it.
Thirdly, I have fallen in love with 8751. These pants seem to be everything I love in a pant all bottled up into one pretty pattern. I will definitely be picking this up at the next sale, as long as Joann puts the patterns out instead of hoarding them in the stock room.'
I also really like Vogue 8743, though their suggestion of wool flannel seems a bit odd to me for a full skirted, summery looking dress. I'd definitely be making this one up in the shorter version.
Vogue 8745 is also another winner, though I am most fond of view A. I love that this can be made up in a woven, since I prefer those over knits.

So, there you have it, my picks for the newest Vogue collection. Which patterns do you plan on picking up?  As I stated earlier, I'm chugging away at a Modcloth inspired dress. I'd love to hear what you all are working on!


  1. Thanks, so much 4 the post! I was waiting for theier summer catalog to come out.

  2. Just found your blog! Funny, I just looked through the Vogue Fall preview, too, and I loved the pants also.