Tuesday, July 5, 2011

A Thrift-tacular Weekend {Including 3 Vintage Finds}

Hello my lovely readers! As I promised in a previous post I thought that I'd share with you the wonderful vintage coat I found, as well as the other goodies that followed me home from the thrift store.

Please excuse the awfulness of some of these photos. The sun was really bright outside and it was 95 degrees so I was in no mood to take 15 pictures of each garment. Wearing a wool coat in 95 degree weather is terrible! I am sure the people passing by my house on the street thought I had lost my mind.

I must admit, readers, that the majority of my clothing comes from the thrift store. Since approximately last July the only new RTW I have bought has been one cami and a cardigan. ( With the exception of underthings and shoes, which I always purchase new.)  I am a complete cheapskate, so I guess it would be fair to say that the prices of thrift stores are the allure for me. However, if you're persistent, you will find a vintage gem every now and then too. So, lets get to what followed me home.

The Limited $3.50
I think I am going to need to make a top to match this skirt. I just threw the one in the pic on since it semi matched.

New York and Company $4.00
Fossil $3.50

Please excuse how wrinkled this jacket is. I generally don't iron my clothes until right before I wear them and I couldn't bring myself to iron it just to wear it for six seconds.
Tailorbrook (Vintage) $3.50
This is one of the three vintage pieces that I found. It has bound buttonholes! And it smells horribly of old lady, a problem which I hope the dry cleaners will be able to take care of.
Tailorbrook (Vintage) $3.50
This one also has the same lovely old lady scent. It also has bound buttonholes, but they go vertically, whereas the camel colored jacket's go horizontally.
Pendleton $3.50
The fantastic, amazing vintage coat!!!!

Villager (Vintage) $7.50
I LOVE this coat!! I may just be my favorite thrifted clothing find ever. It's vintage, it's wool, it's union made, it's red, what else could a girl ask for in a coat?

In the near future I will definitely be needing to sew some cute blouses to go under my new found jackets.

So, there you have it, my lovely thrifted goodies. Do you like to purchase clothing at thrift store readers? Would anyone be interested in some posts about finding clothing at thrift stores? I'd love to hear your thoughts wonderful readers!


  1. Awesome finds! I definitely want to start shopping more at thrift stores, mainly because I'm so picky that I can't find anything most places to suit me. So any advice you may have would be appreciated.

  2. That red coat is AMAZING! And the other pieces are super cute too. I have an interest in thrifting, but I have never been able to find anything at the stores in the local area. Perhaps it is a frequency thing? I frequent fabric stores to find sales, but I don't go to thrift stores all that often because I usually don't find anything.

  3. Love the 2 Tailorbrook jackets! So fabulous!

  4. I love your thift store haul. I love the thrill of hunting for treasures in the thrift store.

  5. What excellent finds ! WOW I'm coming shopping with you next time :)

  6. I prefer the New York and Company over the Limited skirt on you. The NYC dress fits your body nicely, is very slimming, and the color looks nice on you. The Limited pattern is a bit too busy, but the style looks good. Love all of your jackets and, especially, your red coat. In regard to the "old lady smell" lingering on your thrift store treasures, have you tried hanging them in your shower for a week (of course not when it's running!)? I've done that in the past and the steam has helped eliminate some of the offending odors.

  7. I love thrift shops (we call 'em opshops here Down Under) and I love that red coat! I keep an eye out for beautiful coats and have quite a few in my wardrobe-the last being a genuine vintage rabbit fur! I also found a camel vintage princess style coat that is at least 50 years old which I relined some time ago and blogged about.

    Nice to 'meet' you!