Sunday, January 8, 2012

An Update And A Code

Hello dears readers! I'll make this post short and sweet, but just a few things I wanted to share with you. I originally was going to write a sup quick post only sharing my Etsy code, but I thought I'd share my interesting last two days with you as well.

It seems that I am having a streak of bad luck these past few days. Start out on Friday, where I brought take out home for dinner, only to discover that my food was wrong. Not that big of a deal, right? No, sadly this may have been the event that triggered my string of bad, albeit funny, bad luck. After I slung the sloppy, soppy wet tomato off my sandwich, I put my good on a plate and put some ketchup in a Fire King custard cup. I then proceeded to walk to the den and drop the ketchup cup in the floor. What ensued can only be described as a the great ketchup spill of 2012. Ketchup went everywhere and so did the glass. I think I felt a tear roll down my face for my Fire King. It had survived for 60 years before I got my hands on it. Fast forward twenty minutes and I had the mess cleaned up and ate my sandwich. All was well again.

Now, lets move to Saturday. I got up and went to an estate sale with my mom. The listing hadn't listed sewing stuff, but my keen nose sniffed out the sewing machine as soon as I got into the house. Then I made the mistake of asking the man running the sale, if there had been any patterns. Oh yes, there had been, boxes of them, and they were gone. Devastation ran through my body, since you know, I don't have any patterns. I did end up buying an awesome 70s Pyrex casserole so I did leave happy after all. I went home and logged into Etsy to find I had sold something. Finally, some good luck, since this meant I finally had enough money in my Paypal account to buy a piece of truly amazing vintage 50s cotton I had been drooling over. I went to my favorites on Etsy to find my amazing fabric that I had been looking at every single day for the last two months, only to see that is had sold on Saturday morning.

I also then proceeded to pour hot water from the iron on my toe later in the evening and take a bite of still boiling baked beans and burnt my tongue. So, certainly no life altering bad luck, but humorous bad luck.

There is an estate auction coming up with weekend that lists fabric and sewing items, so I think I will be going to that. The listing also lists lots of "man stuff", so I better be prepared for the creepers. ( If you're female and under 30, and have been to a country estate auction, you know exactly what I mean.)

But enough with the dilly dallying, I have a coupon code for you dear readers. Enter BLOGSALE in my Etsy shop during checkout and you will receive 15% off. I will have more patterns listed soon, as well as all the vintage clothing before the end of week. ( If you're not in the US, convo me on Etsy and I can set up shipping for you.) The code will be good until the end of January.


  1. Oh man. I feel your pain (well, no I did get a dry iron finally! :D).

    You had an interesting weekend. Maybe the creepers will sleep in and you'll get all the patterns next time.

  2. OMGoodness! I think its in the water, butterfingers has been my middle name since Thursday! I was so afraid to open my new record player....Well hope you have some fantastic finds and the creepers are hiding!

  3. Awww, I totally know what you mean about the fabric. I saw some great boucle at the fabric store, but at $16/yard I saved up and waited for a special occasion. When I finally went back to buy it was all gone! Never mind it had been there for several months before then.

    Good luck at your next sale!