Saturday, January 28, 2012

Are You There, Hoarders? It's Me, Rebecca.

I think the title of this post may say it all readers. So, let's cut to the chase, shall we? More sewing stuff hitchhiked it's way home with me today. 40 patterns, books of needles, 40s sewing books, and more fabric. I am on the fast track to being a hoarder. It doesn't bother me in the slightest. I intend to die in 80 years or so, from injuries sustained from being buried in sewing supplies. I think I now hove somewhere in the range of 600-800 patterns,, including my modern ones. Should I count? Would anyone care to see the massive stash one day?

This is about half the pattern haul, plus the needles, and sewing books. I will post the rest in another post. The cost for all the sewing goodies and fabric combined? $14!

There were doubles of some patterns.

Those slippers are just too neat!

Score! My first couturier pattern and it's uncut!

Need Needles?

Copyright 1949

Copyright 1948


  1. You did score! I also have about 1000 patterns I've "collected" over the past 10 years or so. I'm slowly weeding them out and only keeping the Vogues. By the way, I love that Pucci pattern!

  2. Rebecca, how DO you do this? You must have some kind of device inside you that just leads you to these sales.

    Thank you for saving sewing items from going to the dump.

  3. Oh Rebecca, these are great. I understand the hoarder thing with sewing supplies. I have only 200 patterns lol. I just opened up a vintage pattern from the 60's that has never been opened, or so it seems. I guess someone owned it and didn't get around to sewing. You will use your things and love them. I hope you have MANY years of great sewing! I really like all your finds.

  4. At least you;re not hoarding pets or food. That show is creepy. I like the slipper pattern, you need to make some and prance around like an elf. I have the scary clown pattern too!

  5. Nice! And I think it is perfectly acceptable to be buried by sewing supplies. It would be a good end. I think now I am over 2000 patterns, but most of those are magazine patterns (I count each pattern in a magazine separately, even if I have no intention of using them, and with about 50 patterns/month they add up quick!), and they don't take up as much space as the envelope patterns do. Though I probably do have over 200 envelope patterns now, so, well, that collection is none too small either....

    Also, of course we want to see the pattern stash! Did you even need to ask?

  6. What a fantastic find.. And I so understand the hoarding..I tell myself..DONT buy any more fabric , patterns, sewing books...and what do I do? Go shopping and head straight to a fabric store, or thrift store..anywhere , I can find SEWING
    If you get buried alive in 80 yrs.. The rest of us sewing hoarders ..will be beside you.ha..
    Happy sewing and enjoy..