Monday, March 28, 2011

Finished: Butterick 5450

I finished another top! I am just going to do a quick post tonight because I hope to get some better daylight pictures tomorrow. It seems no one at my house is too enthusiastic about being my photographer so I have to beg and plead for them to take my picture. Tomorrow, when it's light outside I can balance my camera on the deck rail and get some better picture.

Here's the pattern I used, which is Butterick 54550.

I am not going to go into lots of details in this post because I did write a rather detailed pattern review which can be found here.   In the post with better pictures I will provide a few more details if anyone is interested.

For tonight, here's the pics. Sadly, these were the good ones, if that's even possible. Happy Sewing!


  1. Hi Rebecca!

    Beautifully made ! I truly like that color on you and the choice of pattern is really flattering.

    I'm inspired!