Saturday, March 26, 2011

New Simplicity Patterns!

The summer patterns for Simplicity are up on their website. I was hoping for some more Lisette patterns, but sadly I was let down. Oh well, hopefully there will some more Lisette's the next time patterns are released.

First, I really like this Project Runway pattern, which in my opinion could make a cute retro modern sundress. I think if I did make this dress I would widen the straps just a bit so there would be some bra strap coverage. Other than that it looks like a really cute pattern.

Next is another contender for a super cute summer sundress. The pattern envelope picture is quite matronly and a tad bit 90ish though, but the line drawing redeems itself. I really like the interesting seaming with the striped fabric. I do think the little jacket is cute but I have found unless you're quite flat chested jackets like those tend to stick out in strange ways.

 Lastly, is this day to evening pattern that I love for one reason and one reason only. Bows! I love the shorter version and once again it would make a super cute dress for spring. I do have three and a half yards of blue gingham that might just work.

Sadly, there are only three patterns from the whole collection that I can see myself picking up and sewing. There are two, yes two, jumpsuit patterns. I can say that I have never really even considered wearing a jumpsuit, much less using my free time to sew one. I can't say the same thing about a romper however. I really wish that they had a pattern for "regular" shorts with preferably a fly front rf a side zipper. (I think I recall seeing a McCall's pattern, but I'll have to double check.) I know there is most likely a group of pattern purchasers who want elastic waist knee length shorts, but I'm pretty sure the pattern companies have that demographic covered.

I also wish that there was more top and blouse patterns that aren't designed for knits. It seems that for every one top pattern there are ten dress patterns. Don't get me wrong, I adore dresses, but sometimes I do like to wear separates.

What do you all think of the new collection? Does anyone else wish there were more "normal" shorts patterns and a few more tops to choose from? Am I being too picky and a negative Nancy? Wait, don't answer that last one...
Happy Sewing!

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  1. I like the striped dress in the middle pattern and the pink dress on the bottom. I have a huge list of projects on my list I still have to get to though! I never do see shorts patterns but I did find a cute shorts romper by burdastyle.