Friday, March 25, 2011

New Vogues!

Vogue's summer patterns are now up on their website and as always there are some winners and some losers. Here are my picks, thought, comments, and snide remarks regarding their latest collection.

First up is a dress by Kay Unger. If you look at the line drawing this dress has some interesting seaming and gathers, but as usual Vogue managed to mask them by choosing the busiest fabric they could get their paws on. I have been wanting a to make a little black dress and this pattern might just fit the bill.

Next, I LOVE this little dress and jacket combo from Tom and Linda Platt. I don't really love the yellow, but I envision the dress in navy and the jacket in red. I definitely plan on picking up this pattern at the next Vogue sale.

Next in the lineup or perpetrators is a Vogue easy options pattern. I would make all of the dresses included in this pattern, though I would choose the shorter length for my versions. The main reason I love this pattern though is it includes a halter dress with a fitted skirt.

The next dress is a very easy Vogue that has a cute back to it. I can see this as a great little summer dress that could be paired casually with some flip flops or sandals. The pattern calls for a lining, which honestly I am not that big of a fan of, so hopefully I could leave it out. I prefer my dresses to be unlined and if need be I will wear a slip. ( I am also pretty sure that the majority of women my age don't even know what a slip is, but that's a story for another post.)

Now, for the patterns that just make me shake my head in astonishment and wonder.

First, I don't even know what this thing is supposed to be. Vogue says that it is a dress, but I think I am going to exercise my right to disagree. I believe this is some sort of elaborate invention that allows one to parachute without actually using, you know, a real parachute. You just leap from the plane,hold the sides of the dress, and drift slowly to the earth.

This next pattern is so terrible I am not even going to try to describe it's hideousness. A picture really does say a thousand words.

There is a new apron pattern being released,which I would normally snatch up in a heartbeat, but after inspecting the drawing and discovering that mass amounts of bias tape are required, I think I'll pass on the pattern. I do love aprons, but if bias tape is invited to the party I will be politely declining my invite.

I'd love to hear what everyone thinks about the newest Vogue collection. What do you love? What do you hate?


  1. Thanks for previewing the new patterns. I always love to see what fellow blogger's highlight. I love the yellow outfit/pattern too!

  2. Me too, I love seeing what everyone else picks! :]