Wednesday, March 16, 2011

Matchy Matchy

Look at any wedding party picture and you're sure to find one common theme amongst all of them; bridesmaids who are all sporting identical colored dresses with perfectly dyed to match shoes. A wedding party is the only time in most women's lives they will don such a matchy matchy ensemble.  However, it wasn't that long ago that women wore much more matchy-matchy outfits than we seem to like today. Must your shoes and purse always match? I can imagine that if you asked that question a few decades ago you would have received a collective yes from women everywhere. If you presented that very same question to my generation though you would most likely get a mixed bag of responses. It seems that women just don't match their clothes the same way anymore. In the 60s most wouldn't have taken a second look at a woman wearing a perfectly pink skirt suit with a matching hat, shoes, and bag. Now, such an ensemble would likely get you noticed, and potentially come across as a bit costumey.

So, why have a suddenly developed an interest in matching clothing and accessories? Well, it goes back to the post I did a few weeks ago on fabric scraps. I have been thinking about making headbands and bows to clip on my shoes from my fabric scraps.You see, I am the kind of person who would leave the house wearing a dress, a matching headband, bows on my shoes, and if I were going to school that day, a pencil case that matched the outfit. I love the matchy matchy look. If given the opportunity to leave the house decked to the nines in a head to toe one colored outfit I would do it in a heartbeat.I don't always know when I have too much of a good thing.

Being able to sew does give me the opportunity to wear outfits that go far beyond the realm of the typical coordinating clothing. I guess the question is whether or not I should exercise my ability to create all sorts of matching accessories. (Yes, the idea of a perfectly matched bag has indeed crossed my mind, but I have been able to suppress that idea for the time being.) I think that if I do make the accessories I should limit myself to one same fabric item at a time. I could wear a matching headband or bows on my shoes but never both at the same time. This doesn't mean that I don't want to leave the house over-accessorized, but I am attempting to exhibit some sort of good taste when it comes to dressing. What do you all think? Is a matching bow for my hair a slippery slope to looking like a perpetual bridesmaid? If matchy matchy is okay, what is the dividing line between tasteful and overdone? I'd love to hear some thoughts and opinions.

In sewing related news, I am almost finished with a Cynthia Rowley pattern and should hopefully have some pics of it tomorrow.


  1. Girl, you rock that matchy matchy! I am always so impressed when people can carry that off :) PS. Love the Lisette dress - fabulous colors on you!

  2. If you like it, do it! I like matchy matchy too sometimes and have really enjoyed making a mini coordinating wardrobe for Colette Pattern's Spring Challenge (that's kind of along the same lines, right?).

    I definitely always notice it on other people when they do it, it looks so pulled together. I've never been able to pull off wearing more than one print at the same time, but I've seen others do this well, too.

  3. Thank you both for the encouragement! I think I am going to go for it and make some matching accessories. :]