Wednesday, March 23, 2011

Things I've Learned Since Beginning to Sew

1. Sewing stuff multiplies at an exponential rate First, you buy a few pieces of fabric, a couple spools of thread, and the basic notions. At first, you think that one shelf in the closet is more than enough space to store your stuff, then one day you'll blink and realize that sewing stuff is stuffed into every nook and cranny that you can find. Fabric, zippers, buttons, thread, it all multiplies, but patterns, oh patterns, they multiply like rabbits. Soon, I'm going to need a self storage unit.

2. Patience Pateince is a virtue, and sewing will help instill that virtue in you. Sewing is a slow process that requires a lot of attention to detail. The seam ripper is the ultimate reminder to be patient as you're sewing and not slip into road runner mode. In today's instant world it's nice to sometimes slow down and enjoy doing something that requires time and attention to detail.

3. You will never look at RTW clothes the same Since beginning to sew I have gained an entirely new prospective on store bought clothing, particularly the fabric content that the clothes are made of.  While I'm not anti-polyester, I have realized that it's not the priciest fabric in the world and its crazy to spend $30 on a top made with less than $5 worth of polyester. Now when I go shopping I closely inspect the garments, paying attention to seam finishes and little details that made said item catch my eye, but usually leave the store with a mind full of ideas but empty handed.

4. Bias tape is evil It looks all sweet and innocent sitting in that display shelf at Joann, but once you get it home and out of the package it's true colors begin to show. If you do manage to wrangle it into submission and look lovely on something such as an armhole there is a 99% chance that the other side will not turn out as nicely. Perhaps one day bias tape and I will be besties, but for now we're in frenemy territory.

5. Your sewing scissors should be guarded with your life Make it clear to anyone who lives in your household and anyone who dares to come near your house that your sewing scissors are off limits. Say it like you mean it! If someone cuts paper with your scissors this gives you the right to disown them if they're a family member, divorce them if they're a spouse, or if they're a friend, force them to do all of your bias tape sewing for a year.

6. Your house will never be as clean ever again Who has time to clean when there's stuff to sew? Not only will you lose all interest in doing things such as mopping the floor you will also have much more stuff to dust around. ( See number 1.)  If it gets bad enough I'll just give Clean House a call, but over my dead body will they "declutter" by getting rid of my handmade clothes.

What about you all? Have you learned any interesting things while sewing? I'd love to hear about it!


  1. Love this post! It is dead on, I've just recently started sewing and have developed a mean addiction to "just one more pattern" or whatever else catches my eye. I've been working on childrens clothes so everytime i go into a kids store all of the items get the evil eye. Good luck on your sewing!

  2. Ah, you're learnin'. Do stay away from people who have SMAD (Sewing Machine Acquisition Disease).

  3. You are my new favourite sewing blogger, this is absolutely hilarious! And totally spot on, too. Although glorm has it right. I'd barely begun sewing before I managed to acquire 3 sewing machines. I'm back down to 1 now, but there's at least one more coming to me in the near future... :D

    I think your theory on pattern multiplication is true. Something hinky must be going on in my pattern drawer. lol

  4. Thank you all for the sweet comments!

  5. This is so funny and true. I found my daughter using my ginger scissors to cut fabric once and flipped!

  6. Sewcountrychick- Thanks for commenting! At least it was fabric instead of the dreaded paper. :]

  7. Your are "right on the money" with this post! Love your site.