Friday, May 13, 2011

114 "New" Vintage Sewing Patterns!

Ladies and gentlemen! Boys and girls! I hit the jackpot of estate sales today! I arose the crack of dawn this morning and met my aunt at the sale. Upon entering the house we knocked people over calmly walked to the room of sewing stuff and were greeted with one of the most beautiful sights I have ever seen. There were patterns, buttons, and all sorts of sewing goodies to be had. Lucky for me, my aunt bought me lots of sewing goodies, including all the patterns, for my upcoming birthday. In the end I ended up with 114 patterns, a large bowl full of vintage buttons, a basket full of zippers, a basket full of bias tape/seam binding/hem tape, a few pieces of fabric, and a McCalls sewing book! Yippee!

Since no one is my house, i.e my 14 year old brothers, is as enthused as I am with my patterns I thought that I'd share them with all of my lovely readers. Quite a few of the patterns are a 36 inch bust, which means no resizing, which makes me smile from ear to ear. Sadly, about 15 or so of the patterns have been glutinously attacked, Golden Corral buffet style, by silverfish. Silverfish are no doubt little spawns of satan that serve no purpose other than to give me heebie-jeebies.

I took pictures of the patterns as pairs, but there is still a lot of pictures, so I will be breaking them up into multiple posts.

 The ones above have been eaten alive by those stupid silverfish, but fingers crossed all the pieces are there.

I love the sundress on the right, so cute!
Hmm, a wedding dress with lace sleeves. It seems like I have seen one of those somewhere lately...

More wedding dress patterns.
I love the jacket on the right, which happens to be in my size, but not in my sewing skill range, yet.

I have lots more pictures to come! I am just so so excited about these patterns!! Which are your favorites dear readers? Do you like to go to estate sales for patterns or prefer to track down specific things you want online? As always, I love your feedback and thoughts!


  1. O. My. Gosh. You hit the motherload! What a fabulous stash!! Sorry about the silverfish, though - they really are horrible little things. What do you think you are going to make first? The possibilities are endless!

  2. I'd love to find a treasure like the one you've found! Lucky you!!!
    A favourite pattern - how could I pick a favoruite!!???

  3. Oh WOW, Rebecca! You completely hit the jackpot, didn't you? These are all so lovely. I can't wait to see your other patterns, if this is just the tip of the iceberg! I may have to hit an estate sale around here this weekend, hoping your luck rubs off. ;)

  4. That's really fun! I hit an estate sale like that last summer and it was awesome- there were hundreds of patterns and I got about 30 vintage ones that I really liked!