Wednesday, May 25, 2011

What I've Been Doing

What have I been doing? To be honest, I have had loads of free time lately since school is out, my summer classes haven't started, and I have yet to procure a summer job. Given all of that free time you would think that I would have a new finished object to show the blog world daily, right? Sadly, that is not the case, but I have been doing some sewing related things and quite a few non-sewey things.

First, Monday was my birthday. To mark the occasion I had lunch on Sunday at Applebee's with my family where I received some awesome kitchen goodies, some vintage hand sewing needles in picture perfect sleeves, a gift card to Joann's, and some birthday money. Since gift cards seem to erupt into spontaneous combustion in my pocket, thus burning a hole in it, I set out to Joann's on Monday. I walked around the store no less than fifty seven times deciding what I was going to spend my precious gift card on. Then, like a predator spotting it's prey, I spied the scissor section. "Hmm, my scissors are really dull and I could use a new pair" I thought to myself as I punted little old ladies out of way to get to the scissors. So, to wrap the story up, I bought myself my first real pair of "grownup" Gingher dressmakers shears!

I came home with my scissors and then this happened.
I may have went a little overboard cutting things out, but I make no apologies. Cutting out fabric isn't my favorite part of sewing, so it's nice to know I have lots of options of things that are ready to go when I want to sew them. But, let me say, my new scissors are fantastic!!!! They cut through fabric like butter. If Ii happen to catch one of my teenage brothers cutting paper with them can I count on you, dear readers, to post my bail?

Here are the patterns that I am making.
Vintage patterns ( I can't get it to rotate.)

Modern Patterns

Now, on the estate sales/thrifting front, I have a few newly acquired items to show you.I will spare you a picture of yet more zippers, which are drying on a bath towel after I gave them a bath. (They stank of musty basement, but now smell mountain fresh.)

Thrifted fabric $1.50. I think there is about 3 yards.

Estate Sale Fabric

Thrifted curtain which will be an apron. (I have two of them.) $2.50

Estate sale curtains which also will become aprons.

Stay tuned for my first ever post of others inspiring blog posts and for the above items to slowly start becoming finished objects.
Happy Sewing!


  1. Great fabrics there! Love them. Enjoy those new scissors and guard them with your life :) Happy Birthday!

  2. Happy Belated Birthday! Seems to me you will be busy. Lovely fabric finds.

  3. Happy Birthday! Your fabrics are fabulous - love the patterns you are working on!

  4. Happy birthday!!! Amazing fabric finds! I am loving the nautical one!! And I'm with you about feeling good when I have lots of stuff cut out!

  5. Hide the scissors or label them! Just got mine back from getting sharpened.

  6. Thank you all for the sweet comments and happy birthday wishes! I will definitely be guarding the scissors.