Friday, May 27, 2011

Finished: Sky High Shorts

I finished a pair of shorts for summer! Yippee yippee yay! I used a vintage pattern, Simplicity 9416, which came from my recent pattern haul. This pattern had a unique detail that doesn't seem to be available in modern patterns but I wholeheartedly believe should be. The pattern included both shorts and pants, but each garment had different pieces for short, medium, and tall heights.  This seems like such a good idea to me and I wonder why pattern companies don't continue to offer this in the patterns?

I have to admit that these shorts are significantly more high-waisted than any I have worn in the past. However, as someone who is not sold on the idea of "Snooki-esque"  short shorts, I think I just might embrace the style. Since these shorts require under a yard of 60" fabric I might just whip up a few more pairs.

  • Simplicity 9416 circa 1971
  • Size 18/Waist 31/Hip 42 ( The pattern was a bit bigger than my measurements so I just took really large seam allowances on the sides.)
  • Fabric: I believe it was a stretch cotton twill from Joann
  • Notions: One regular zipper from an estate auction
What I did differently than the pattern instructed:
  • Even though I have hundreds of zippers I didn't have one zipper that matched. The pattern instructions are for a regular zip, but with the predicament of no matching zipper, I decided to learn how to do a lapped zipper. (I used this lapped zipper tutorial from Youtube which was extremely helpful.)
  • I made the short height size even though my height fell into the medium category. 
  • I used a stretch woven.

  • My pattern grade: A-
Happy Sewing!


  1. They look great! I made a similar pair from the 1970s and they were a bit on the tight, pin-up side. I felt like MaryAnn from Gilligan's Island!

  2. They do look cute! The reason pattern companies quit making patterns for various heights: economics. They also stopped making Tall patterns, Juniors and Junior Petites (although I'm not certain that these categories still exist in off-the-rack clothes.)

  3. Thank you all for the sweet comments. :]