Tuesday, May 17, 2011

My Other Estate Sale Goodies

I love estate sales! Seriously, I adore them. Every week I search Craigslist and Estatesales.net looking for any close to home, and in the case of a few I have visited, not so close to home. I suppose some people feel odd digging through the possessions of the deceased, but I like to think that I am giving the items that they loved and cherished a second chance on life. Owning an item from an estate sale makes me feel as if I am owning a bit of history, even if the previous owner was just a regular, ordinary person. So, if you've never been to an estate sale I encourage you to check one out, unless, of course, you want to visit the same ones I am and attempt to buy "my" sewing stuff or "my" vintage Tupperware. 

So, on the topic of estate sales, I thought that I'd share the other sewing related goodies that I bought at the sale this past weekend.

Some bias tape, ric-rac, and lots of hem tape

A few zips, most of which are metal

A few more zips. Some are invisible, which I despise

An awl. I haven't had a need for one of the yet, but maybe someday

Sewing book, Copyright 1963

Some random buttons

Vintage Buttons

More Buttons

Even more buttons

The red ones in the corner are spherical, not sure what to use them on

These are some of my favorite. The flower parts of made of fabric
In sewing related news, I am almost done with a skirt from a modern Butterick fabric. I should finish it tomorrow, and weather permitting have pictures. It would have been done today,except I had a bit of difficulty inserting the zipper into the side seam of the skirt and the side seam of the yoke. I also have decided that I am going to make some shorts as my next project. I intend on making two pairs from two separate modern McCalls patterns, and one pair from a vintage pattern that I bought at the estate sale.

So, readers, I'd love to hear your thoughts. What type of project would you use those spherical buttons on? A coat or jacket? Also, do you all like to go to estate sales?
 Happy Sewing!


  1. I am so impressed at your finds! The only interesting estate sale going on in my town is while I am on vacation, so I will look and see if there will be any while I am on vacation. :) Those buttons, now I am truly envious over those buttons. I have been a button hoarder since oh about 5 years old lol, I also make my own buttons too!

  2. Wow, you really cleaned up! What great finds; i'd be thrilled with just the buttons! Buttons really do make the outfit, and where I live it's hard to find good ones.

    I've actually never been to an estate sale. Did the online ad actually say there would be sewing items?

  3. Ashley- Yes, the ad said there would be sewing items. Many companies that run estate sales have websites where they post pictures of some of the items before the sale. Check one out sometime! :]

  4. We have garage sales and school fairs, but not estate sales. I do laugh about how much you have bought though, as I have just had to go and buy whole lot of clear plastic storage boxes to put all my purchases in - so nice to be in good company! Gillian New Zealand