Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Pattern Finds III

Greetings wonderful and lovely readers! As you already know, judging by the title of this post, that I have even more patterns to show you. After I finish posting pics of all the patterns I am going to narrow down the patterns to a few suspects, put them in a lineup, and allow you all to give me your thoughts on what I should make first. Since I have a few projects in my queue right now it may take me a little bit of time to get around to making it. Rest assured it will get done, just as soon as I finish the pajama pants I was supposed to make my brother for Christmas.

Now, let us gaze at the morsels of pattern candy that follow. Be warned that this is a rather pic heavy post, but it concluded my pattern haul.

 I really like the skirt in the left pattern.
 I love the dress on the right, even the long version which I am not usually a huge fan of.
 The right pattern is adorable!

 The pattern on the right is my absolute FAVORITE of all the ones I got.

 These two patterns were feasted on terribly by silverfish, those glutinous little devils.

 I love the skirt on the right with buttons, though I would shorten it to knee length.

 The dress on the right makes me swoon.

 I dress on the right is hideous.

I am definitely going to make the short on the right, which should fit without having to re-size the pattern.

This concludes all of my pattern pictures. I did get a few other sewing goodies at the sale including zipper, bias tape, hem tape, and an awl with some eyelet things.

Once again, enlighten me with you wonderful opinions readers! What patterns do you like? What should I stitch up first?

Happy Sewing!


  1. These are all so great! I have a few of the same patterns too! it's really hard to decide...I'm of no help, too many great choices!

  2. I like your fave pics too. I"m working on a vintage pattern now for a skirt but somehow it's just looking frumpy. I wonder if it's just the illustrations that are really cool looking! Did you find them at a yard sale?

  3. Justine- I found them at an estate sale. All 114 were only $15! :]

  4. Wow!!! These are great, I'd have a really tough time deciding which to sew first....