Sunday, May 8, 2011

I Need Corporate Clothes

For the past few days I have been pondering my upcoming need of what I have begun calling corporate clothes. Readers, let me assure you that the thought of dressing "corporately" is not something that makes me brim with enthusiasm. I'd  prefer a closet full of Kate Spade inspired dresses and cute little vintage frocks that I've rescued from the thrift store to a black suit any day. However, since I am an accounting major I am required to wear business attire to all of my classes.  You see, my business professors have a slightly vastly different idea of what exactly constitutes being dressed for business than I do.   Lucky for me, I had quite lenient professors this semester who let me get away with colorful dresses, cardigans, and inappropriately high heels. Unlucky for me, I don't have lenient professors next semester.

This is my idea of business.

This is my professor's idea of business.

Needless to say, there is a huge gap in my wardrobe. I am a cardigan girl. I live, breath, and love cardigans. Suit jackets? Well, they're not really my cup of tea, but it seems that next semester suit jackets and I are going to have to kiss and make up. At the end of each school day we will fight and break up. 

What's a girl to do when she only owns one pair of dress pants, a handful of button downs, and practically no suit jackets? What do you do when your wardrobe is the antithesis of corporate? You sew of course! Readers, I need to make corporate clothes. I need to sew "Edward Jonsey and Goldman Sachy" clothes. Don't worry though, as I have no intentions of donning the uniform of a corporate robot anytime soon. I plan on making some colorful, fun shirts to wear under suit jackets, which I will be thrifting because I don't yet have the skills, or time required, to make myself structured jackets.

So, readers, do you have to don corporate attire in your academic life or for you career? If so,do you sew any of these clothes or prefer to attain them by shopping? If you make them, what are some of your favorite patterns? I'd love to hear your thoughts dear readers!


  1. I am a teacher so I don't have to have a corporate wardrobe, but I do dress professionally.
    I think some of the coordinated patterns that have a jacket, skirt, top and pant pattern would be a great starting place.
    My husband has his own CPA firm, and they only wear ties and suits when they have to meet with a client. Some businesses are a little more casual these days.

  2. I am a teacher as well, so I can get away with my handmade dresses and cardigan sweaters. Sadly, this is way dressier than many co-workers, who need to be constantly reminded that wearing Crocs to work is not ok. :)

  3. So sorry, I have no recommendations. It's the island way of life for me! Can't wait to see what you come up with though.

  4. This is strange. I was never required to wear business attire to my business and accounting classes. When I worked as a tax accountant at a bank the women weren't forced to wear suits. I wore dresses and skirts and blouses with cardigans. We didn't wear tight knit dresses, knit tops or pants though and we always had nice shoes. I don't think the corporate business world is as conservative as your professors think.

  5. I work as an in-house graphic designer, so the corporate attire I wear is more along the lines of what you consider business attire (the first picture). I actually like dressing up for work; it gives me an opportunity to show off my made by me fashions!

    I do agree with the others; dress codes vary drastically from business to business, even within the same career. So don't fret! It's highly possible you won't be stuck in dark suits. :)

  6. I work in a University as an administrator and while most women don black suits, I have opted to "go vintage". I do have a couple of jackets for big meetings, but most often I wear a vintage-cut top and either wide-legged high-waist trousers or a vintage-pattern skirt. Key to getting away with this is adding statement jewellery (grandma's crystal and jet beads),red lipstick and good shoes. I am so clearly not trying to be corporate but they can't deny I look smart! And I get to sew vintage patterns - double win!

  7. Hm - I'm a nurse (well to be - in 15 days from now) so for work I wear uniforms which are handed out. I would make a suit'ish thing in bright colours. All red or bright blue or yellow.. you get the idea ;) and IF you're going to wear a dark suit do wear a top underneath similiar to the dress in the first picture. I think if that's you - you can go off with it!