Saturday, May 14, 2011

Vintage Pattern Finds II

Hello wonderful readers! I hope that your weekend sewing is going well!

This morning I awoke, and I am not happy to report that yesterday was, in fact, not a dream, and 114 vintage patterns are still sitting right on the table where I left them last night. Today, I intend of dumping all the patterns out in the floor and rolling around in them, Vegas winnings style. After leaving the estate sale yesterday I stopped at my trusty local Dollar Tree to buy Ziploc baggies to put the patterns in. I failed to by enough baggies, and also failed to realize I don't have anymore room in the giant Rubbermaid containers where I keep my patterns. Logically, of course, this doesn't mean I need to reduce my pattern stash, I just need to buy more containers.

Yesterday, as I was putting patterns into baggies, I noticed that almost every single pattern had been cut, and presumably, used. Apparently, this woman didn't just bu patterns for the heck of it, gasp, she actually used all of the patterns that she bought! I don't know the woman who these patterns belonged to, but she will certainly be an inspiration to actually use all of the patterns that I buy.

 The pattern on the right looks like it could make a super cute and simple summer dress.
 Both so very 70s, but I really like the shirt dress on the right.
I definitely want to give both of those patterns a try one day.
 As you can see on the pattern on the right, the former owner of these patterns loved to take sewing notes, right on the envelope itself.
 I would love love love to make the coat on the right.

 The sheath dress on the left looks like it could be worn with a jacket, so it may be a contender for my much needed corporate clothes. 
Some of the many, many mail order patterns.
 The pattern on the left may be another corporate clothes contender.

 I really like the See and Sew dress, minus the oh so homemade looking shirt/jacket thing.
 I am not sure I will ever need a Marie Osmond vest, but I may just need that dress on the right.
 I love love love the dress on the right,. Almost every singe mail order pattern has it's original envelope, but I had to take them out to take the pictures.
There were a few 80s patterns that made there way home with me.

So. lovely readers, any favorites from today's selections? I will post some more pictures tomorrow.  When I narrow down the choices of what I want to make first, I will definitely be getting your wonderful opinions.

Happy Sewing!


  1. What a Dream come true oh my goodness!!!! 114 of pure drool! Ok the first two simplicity patterns, simplicity 7289, and the one with the white dress and red polka dots. Printed patterns 9240, 4804, and 4693. Oh do enjoy!! I can't wait, I want to see more!!

  2. The polka-dot dress (simplicity) is one of my favourites too!