Monday, January 10, 2011

A Brief Update

Yes, I have been working on my navy pencil skirt, albeit very slowly. I have reinforced the back slit using my vintage seam binding, made all six darts (four front and two on the back), and I have sewn the two back pieces of the skirt together. However, I have reached that step in the directions which instructs you to put in the zipper. The directions are written so casually, so nonchalantly, as if it were as easy as brushing your teeth or pouring water from a cup. Perhaps it is as easy as the aforementioned tasks, if I could figure out how to properly snap the zipper foot onto my sewing machine. On a side note, I did manage to attach the buttonhole foot and promptly use up half of my navy bobbin testing out the one step buttonhole function. After seeing my machine make those beautiful buttonholes in 30 seconds I can now say I am a believer in love at first sight. Tonight, I will hopefully snap my zipper foot on properly and show that zipper who's boss!

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