Saturday, January 22, 2011

Some More Inspiration

ModCloth has some of the cutest clothes I have ever seen. The downside however is that they're a bit pricey for my cheaptastic ways. (Though the dress I am about to show you is made in the USA.) However, at $98 it won't be on it's way to my mailbox anytime soon. But I am still in love with this dress. So, what's a girl to do? Sew one for herself of course! Now, before I ramble on with some more details lets take a look at the dress.

I love all things that have a nautical flair and this dress is no exception. Now, for some more sewing talk. I actually already have a pattern in mind to create this dress. I plan on using McCalls 4444, which luckily I already have. The pattern is similar enough that I think I can create a reasonable recreation of the dress. I think that I can simply sew on a piece of white ribbon to make the bottom white stripe. Also, when I look at the up close picture on the website the knot on the front of the dress is simply tied through a little loopy thing. As for the belt, I might attempt to locate a similar one or pick up a belt at the Goodwill, hack off the buckle, paint it white, and make a belt from some interfaced white fabric. The second idea may seem psycho to some people but I have probably done far worse before. Now, have a look at the pattern I intend on using.

I think that the dress in the top middle would work perfectly since it is already has the top pieces to be made from a contrasting fabric.( If you click on my lin above you can see a better picture of the pattern.) So, what don't I have yet? Fabric. However, since this dress is just made from plain navy and white I don't think I should have too much of a problem locating some. Hopefully I can find a navy cotton that isn't the weight of quilters cotton but we'll see. Now, there is about 50/50 chance that this dress will never be anything more than a figment of my imagination so don't get your hopes up that there will be a finished dress anytime soon. That's all for tonight as I'm off to look for some suitable fabric that will hopefully make it's way to my doorstep in the near future. Also, I need all the tips and tidbits of advice I can get on recreating dresses you have seen in retail!

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